Dear Mrs President

June 17, 2009

If I ever write a letter to President Obama, I think that’s how I’m going to start it. When I see how he’s been as President thus far, there’s a five letter word that comes to mind first, and it’s a word that could also be used to describe a cat. He can’t face one single problem without identifying it as a “crisis” and for the remainder of his Presidency, I suspect that we’re going to hear him utter the word “crisis” at least once a month, possibly once a week. Come to think of it, waking up is probably a crisis to this guy.

During Hurricane Katrina, those of us in Louisiana had to suffer a nervous breakdown by our Governor but at least she had a reason to have one. This guy pretends he’s keeping his cool, but his solutions change from day to day, saying one thing, and doing just the opposite. I just wish he’d have a gentleman’s pair and trust the Americans to bring back the economy. Instead, this guy frantically sticks his hands into everything, stealing GM from the people and keeping it for the government. God forbid what he’s going to do when a real crisis hits home.

And God forbid what the man with no stones would do if he actually had a press corp out there that would question his actions like everyone of his predecessors had. Is it not reasonable to think that the MSM is doing their Patriotic duty by not questioning this President for fear what would happen to our great nation if he’d actually get a tough question?

He sticks his nose into international businesses, now telling the world we need oversight into international financial institutions. It’s none of his business what banks in Amsterdam, Britain, or China are doing, or any other of those businesses. He’s placed demands on Israel to stop building even to meet natural growth. He’s met and pleased Latin’s little Hitler (Hugo Chavez). He has listened to the murderous Daniel Ortega’s 50 minute Anti-American diatribe and said nothing. He has bowed to the Saudi King, even when no other foreign leader would do so. He has insulted our friends in Great Britain by forcing detainees onto their colonies without their permission.

And all the while he lets Amanutjob slaughter people in Iran and says he’ll do nothing because he doesn’t want to “meddle” in Iran… but he continues to meddle in Iraq and Afghanistan despite spending his entire campaign criticizing us for being there. Kim Jong Insane is committing acts of aggressiveness sending alarm bells across the world, but can we really expect any action from this President? This sissy President flexes his muscles to his allies, and wears shorts so our enemies can see his weak knees.

I’ve heard people compare Obama to Neville Chamberlain, but I don’t think that’s fair. It’s quite possible that I need to brush up on my history, but I still think it’s a cruel and unfair statement towards Neville Chamberlain.

I have to admit, I was tired of George Bush. I was especially tired of him when he betrayed conservative values the last time, bailing out banks that should never have been bailed out. But five months into Obama’s Presidency, President George Bush is beginning to look more and more like a great President. Quite frankly, I’d rather have Clinton, heck, gimme Jimmy Carter. If we could ever take a mulligan on a Presidency, this would be it.

Throughout his campaign he’d insist that he was a Christian, that he was not a Muslim. Somehow it just seems self evident that Jihadist everywhere must think Obama to be a great prophet. In another six months, France will be making fun of Obama as the “I surrender President”. For those of us in the United States, may God help us all.

SPECIAL TO THE NEWS-SUN ANTIOCH – Antioch’s annual Octoberfest …

The News Sun – Waukegan (IL) October 5, 2006 | By Diana Kuyper SPECIAL TO THE NEWS-SUN ANTIOCH – Antioch’s annual Octoberfest celebration Sunday will add a beer barrel roll and beer stein races to the already popular dachshund races during the day’s events. Of course, the event features German food and lots of beer, according to Barbara Porch, executive director of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce. Events will be scheduled from noon to 7 p.m. at the William E. Brook Entertainment Center, 900 Skidmore Drive in the downtown.

The event begins at noon with the tapping of the first beer keg, followed by entertainment at 12:30 by the Senior Citizens Kitchen Band. in our site barrel roll google here barrel roll google

The brat toss contest is at 1:15 with the beer stein races at 1:30 followed by the dachshund races, dubbed the “running of the wieners,” that is the most popular event at the celebration, said Porch.

Registration of participating dogs and proof of up to date vaccinations are required before the 2:30 p.m. races on the lawn at the entertainment center.

The dogs may be entered in one of three categories that include little smokies, for dogs under 1 year old; frankfurters, for dogs one to five years old; and senior sausages, for dogs older than five years. An entry fee of $3 in advance or $5 on race day is required. Registration ends at 1 p.m. before the races.

Events for children are scheduled throughout the day, including hayrides through the wetlands park from 1:30 to 4 p.m., a pumpkin roll and a haystack treasure hunt.

Evening activities include beer barrel races at 6 p.m. Music and dancing to Jimmy’s Bavarians will be from 4 to 7 p.m. at the band shell.

For more information contact the village at (847) 395-6342.

By Diana Kuyper


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