Default will be Disaster

July 20, 2011

Here’s a fresh subject for my critics to lambast me on.

When Bill Clinton left office, we were billions and billions of dollars in surplus; something that not many countries can brag about. George W. Bush shared similar fiscal responsibilities. Then 9/11 happened and the world changed forever. Suddenly, we had to go to war, but with promised tax cuts there was no apparent way to pay for it. Then, Saddam Hussein pushed us too far and, coupled with false CIA information, we invaded Iraq looking to overthrow the tyrant and seize the Weapons of Mass Destruction. We plunged trillions of dollars into deficit.

Enter the Democratic congress. They seized both Houses of Legislature in 2006 and decked the halls in 2008. The economy was deep in recession, and their Messianic Barack Obama assured us, along with our own personal pretty pink ponies, that he would eliminate the deficit by exercising only the most responsible fiscal practices.

Ha, ha, ha.

Instead, we got a stimulus package that tacked on nearly a trillion bucks to the deficit. I supported it; I felt that the man deserved a chance to turn things around. However, the stimulus package did absolutely nothing. The Democrat’s felt that we could just magically spend our way out of the issue. (the Soviet’s thought this in the 80’s, see where it got them). Then along came a Health Care bill.

Obama decided that we’ll just Tax our way to payment for half of it, and slice $500 billion from Medicare to pay for the rest in one of the most tasteless, insensitive, hypocritical moves in recent history. In another hypocritical move, the Republicans all cried foul; but yet here we are, trying to end Medicare as we know it. SOCIALISM! they cry.

I was raised on the Republican philosophy that we help those who help themselves. Thing is, the millions of elderly people and handicapped citizens who will miss their Social Security checks if we Default can’t help themselves. And what about our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines serving overseas? Should they get a job at the nearest Taliban-Mart to compensate for the money they won’t get?

And what happened to supporting small business? Are you aware how many Mom-and-Pop stores will close because of spiking interest rates on their loans, or how much more we’ll have to pay for basic goods (that we already give an arm and a leg for) when it causes a rise in Inflation? Let alone the housing market and the foreclosures that will come with it. Oh, but I forgot: WE HAVE A MANDATE FROM AMERICA!!!

I know that there is a large chunk of you who think I’m some kind of undercover Ultra-Liberal Democrat here. I campaigned through last summer for the Republicans (and Charlie Melancon) because I believe in fiscal responsibility and I thought that the Republican wave (even as Tea Party-tainted as it was) had more moderation and more patience to it. I was wrong. Letting the Government Default is NOT responsible. It has the potential to do more damage than any screwup Speaker from California or any Prince Harry; but for some reason, because Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul have sprinkled their pixie dust on the idea, it must be the only sensical thing to do. I hope the Tea Party and the defecting Establishment is ready to explain why they so adamantly let the country plunge into Depression.


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