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April 21, 2011
Operation Wrinkled Robe

Wrinkled Robe - Corrupt Judges of LouisianaApril 20, 2011 by Nicholas James

Lets be honest here, I am afraid to write this story. I am worried about the repercussions, of being framed and arrested by a judge. After all, two people have already been arrested for disagreeing with them. That is the primary reasons that I keep dragging my feet. But it is time to hold my nose, close my eyes, and jump in feet first.

I let me start of with an apology Daniel Hoover for taking so long to write his story. These people scare me.

Now while this is a long story, but it is a simple story. There is nothing ‘complex’ about this story at all.

It is a story of corruption and abuse of power.

It is a story of people who have chosen to make a quadriplegic’s life very difficult for their own personal, selfish reasons.

I first learned of this story in late September of last year. A friend from Hammond read the story “High bond amounts, ‘weak’ charges” by Don Ellzey, Daily Star Staff Writer.

This friend was so concerned by what he read, that he took the time to drive an hour to personally hand me to me a copy of this story.

A few days later, on September 14th and 15th, WWL TV followed up on the story with a two part series: The first part of the series was titled “Judge went too far by stepping into nasty family fight, say some” by Doug Mouton / Northshore Bureau Chief and the second part of the series was titled “Part II: Facebook posts, other sordid details at center of Northshore Feud” by Doug Mouton / Northshore Bureau Chief

Family feud? Weak charges? Judge stepping to far?

The stories were interesting but they raised more questions than they answered, so I decided to investigate further.

So how is it that a simple divorce and custody case ends up with not one, not two, but three arrest warrants being issued against two people who were not parties to the divorce?

And how is it that the bonds associated with these arrest warrants were set for outrageously high amounts relative to the potential punishment for the alleged crime?

With any long case, the best place to begin is at the beginning.

On September 11th, 2006, Kelly Marie Fletcher Hoover filed a petition divorce from her husband Daniel Buford Hoover in the 21st Judicial District of Louisiana. The original petition can be viewed here: Hoover Divorce Petition

In the petition, she claims that her husband is residing at the Trinity Neurological Rehabilitation Center in Slidell, Louisiana; that they were married on July 28, 1999; that they have one child; that they have lived separate and apart for more than six months; that she be granted sole custody; that her husband be granted supervised visitation; that an attorney be appointed to represent her husband; and that she wants and is entitled to have child support in the amount of $1,045.00 per month together with any increases that may be granted by Social Security.  The petition was filed by her attorney Maurice Trippi.

As a result of this filing, the judge ordered, on October 11, 2006 that William LePore be appointed as the attorney for Daniel Buford Hoover.

Now the amount requested as ‘child support’ was the entire amount of Daniel Hoover’s Social Security Disability check.

His entire income!

If such an award was granted, what would Daniel Hoover have to live on?

With even a cursory glance at the child support tables, any competent attorney would have known that the basic child support order for an income level of $1,045/month was approximatley $210/month.

The petition claimed that, with regard to the demand for child support, the reason this amount was asked for was:

The expenditure of this sum by the defendant would then entitle the defendant to receive many necessary medical services for which he does not now qualify due to receipt of these sums.

Say what?

Did they just say that they want to take all of Daniel Hoover’s income so that they can stick the state and federal government with his medical bills?

I think they did.

Surely, you are thinking, the judge, being fair and competent, will not sign such an outrageous demand.

Alas no, on January 7, 2007, the judge signed an order granting Kelly Fletcher Marie Hoover with 100% of Daniel Hoover’s Income – his social security disability check.

The court order can be viewed here: 163-2_pp39-41 Judgment Jan 7 2007



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