Delicate Palate for Catfish…and Reggie

June 21, 2011

I wasn’t really going to acknowledge this but I guess in the words of Will Smith, “I just want to put you on notice that I noticed you noticing me”  That goes out to wesawthat… blog who “gave me some shine” despite “naturally” not agreeing with much of anything I wrote.

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So, if you naturally disagree by some predetermined principle or inclination, it seems you didn’t take the time read thoroughly before posting.  You’re just ready to find something to argue about because if you ponder a little before typing, you would have realized I indicated a common skepticism that the Republican party did not always represent true conservatism which caused me to remain independent initially.  So what’s with the animosity right out the gate?

You claim to be conservative but you prove my point that I am a black conservative despite the racially ignorant people on both sides (a conservative so naturally against a conservative means you’re naturally something else I suppose), because I’m not your “homes” or “pimpin” anything.  Intelligently make a point as to how my reference to Huckabee is disagreeable…or can you?  Thanks for acknowledging my open minded critique of all, including not rushing to jump on the Raegan bandwagon because I was born in ’79 and not really aware of what happened then beyond history lessons; but, I can give honor and respect where it’s due as I learn more of history.  However, I’m still waiting for you to make a sound point as to why you disagree with everything I said and that I should go back to being an independent.

While we wait, lets deal with another case of a delicate palate.  Yes, Reggie Brown’s impersonation of President Obama at the RLC crossed the line…with everybody!  So I’m not going to isolate the offensiveness to only black people as some are doing.  Again, he does what comics do with the latitude that humor gives them…but as long as you do it with everybody, I’m OK.  If you only do it with one group disproportionately to another group, then I have a problem.  The media has to be way more responsible when reporting because although I wasn’t at the RLC on Saturday, I had a very different view until I watched the entire skit for myself on

Why does the “racially tinged” label for African-Americans go before the general “reasonably inapropriate” label?  He talked about Joe Biden’s “big efiing deals”, Boehnor’s crying, poked fun at birthers, illegal immigrants, rednecks, Fox News, showed questionable pictures of Weiner’s wiener, the “two and a half men” of Lybia, Iran, and North Korea, Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, former President George Bush and was apparently about to go after every GOP Presidential candidate.  Yank him for his general lack of taste and class, especially with the candidates, or for even going over his time; but not, for my sake, over the the race issue.

I have my collection of black comedians on DVD and I’ve heard us say much worse about ourselves and other races, in joking.  A bi-racial celebrating half of black history month, a black couple fighting like Aunt Esther and Fred G. Sandford, or the Kardashian joke has nothing on them.  As many times as black people, still inappropriate and ignorant, joke about a black president liking to smoke weed, we cannot blow this up do be so disrespectful to the first African-American President.  As much as the intellect of George Bush was ridiculed and characterized by impersonators (down right mean and nasty at times) why can’t this be taken in the same way…humor that crosses the line, because its humor.

If anything, the fact that people in the crowd stood up and cheered, instead of booing or hurling racial insults is more noteworthy to me.  Yeah, its in jest, but there was civility in the fun being poked from the crowd of supposed racists Republicans with a representation of the man trying to fundamentally change what this country is about.  Why is that not noted?



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