Democrat Deception

April 23, 2011

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “There you go again.”

Many of you have come to see me for what I really am: a moderate Republican. Indeed, it’s a bit of a funny coincidence that I have spent more time bashing the imperfections within my own Party than doing what some others do and aiming for the Dem’s. A certain former Alaskan Governor would describe me (in a Canadian accent) as “Mavericky”. Fact is, my fellow Louisianans, I have only the desire to tell the truth, and yet still find a fair way to balance my stories; and for those of you who think that I accomplish this, let it be known that I am very appreciative. Maybe the farther-right readers will enjoy a sigh of relief in this article.

The Paul Ryan Plan, which I support, is nothing short of a declaration; a declaration that not only re-establishes Republican philosophy but also establishes the Establishment philosophy. It reflects the stance of the majority of Establishment Republicans that a) Privatization, with timing, is the right choice, and b) Cutting the deficit, with moderation and timing, is also the right choice. We just had a classic knock-down, drag-out with the Democrat’s over cutting $38 billion from the budget, and to cut some $580 billion from the deficit over the next ten years will be tricky enough. The Tea Party(s), true to form, immediately insisted that his Plan be doubled before anyone consider passing it; they haven’t yet learned that baby steps become big steps, and big steps turn to jogging, and that in time we can run a marathon on righting the fiscal crisis this country faces if we take a careful and diplomatic path. ‘Madame Speaker’ Michelle Bachmann can mindlessly reiterate the “Mandate from America” until she’s blue in the face, but their drastic insistence is why the American people are collectively taking them less seriously.

So Barack Obama, who had to be brought to the cutting table “kicking and screaming”, shows class and invites Paul Ryan to a front-row hearing of his fiscal plans – then centers the entire speech around how ridiculous he thinks the Paul Ryan plan is. Oh, and true to Democratic form from last year, essentially states “We’re not going to raise Taxes…we’re just going to decrease the amount of non-taxed income”.

Tell me, Mr. President, do you think we’re stupid?

I have to say, I think the nostalgia is touching. Does this not bring back the glory days of Nancy Pelosi squawking “You have to pass a bill before you know what’s in it!!!“?

All kidding aside, what his actions then and statements immediately thereafter demonstrate is that Barack Obama has gone from being a clueless, in-over-his-head President to a spiteful and deceptive one. Indeed, he was the last major player to enter the budget battle (largely forced into it by several forces, one being former Whip Eric Cantor) but the first to draw attention to his ‘moderate participation’ and ‘mediation’. John Boehner, who has become nothing short of an Archangel of Reason in this political jungle, is assailed on all sides, and Harry Reid (of whom I am no real fan) is lambasted by his own party for even going to the table at all, as opposed to vetoing an altered plan (again) and pretending Republicans don’t exist (again).

Democrat’s, I will confess to you something: in a different day and age, I would be registered a Democrat and a major proponent of the Blue Dog Caucus. People within the Democratic Party need to step up and restore integrity to the leadership instead of clinging to what they have left after the decisive defeat in November. The beleaguered Blue Dog Caucus needs to step up and make it clear to the Country that not all Democrat’s are snide ultra-liberals – and that would be a political Civil War worth fighting.


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