Democrats Attack Good and Decent Men

October 19, 2007

For months now, the Democrat leadership, to include Charles McDonald, and their supporters have lowered the standards of this political process by distorting the facts, creating outright lies, name calling, and attempting to assassinate the character of good and decent men.None of their outrageous claims were ever proven.
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The low standards of these immoral people are easily seen in the base comments they have written accusing everything imaginable and hoping to gain some undeserved advantage.

None of their comments were ever proven correct and no decency was ever displayed by apologizing for their unwarranted and severe personal attacks.

When facts were presented that clearly represented the voting record of his opponent, Mike Walsworth was PERSONALLY attacked and accused of running a negative campaign.

A thinking person has to ask, “If Mike is willing to run his campaign on his record, why isn’t his opponent?” What is McDonald hiding? Why is presenting McDonald’s voting record considered negative campaigning?

When it was learned that Charles McDonald made a sweetheart deal with a close friend and campaign contributor, McDonald sent out his attack dogs to distort the truth. McDonald claimed he did nothing wrong, though the available facts would indicate otherwise and why the Ethics Board is now investigating the allegations.

Now, when a concerned citizen finds possible evidence of vote buying, this responsible person did what the law prescribes; they took that information to the proper authorities, the Secretary of State, for them to handle in the proper way.

Again, the McDonald attack dogs have twisted the facts and are trying to divert attention away from ANOTHER McDonald activity that raises questions in the minds of decent people. McDonald did not try to explain his payments in an effort to relieve the concerns of the electorate, he attacked Mike Walsworth.

Despite many calls for these attack dogs to show the slightest form of decency, the proof is here for all to see that their behavior has been appalling. These indecent people made accusations of womanizing. When that was disproved they accused drinking problems to go over the top and use the term “boozer”, despite the fact that Mike has NEVER used alcohol. When that was disproved (still with no apologies) they made outrageous claims of a homosexual affair. This, of course, was totally disproved, yet, there was never the first sign of decency from these people, nor from McDonald who never issued a cease and desist order.

McDonald’s failure to control his foul mouth supporters, one actually starring in his campaign commercials, is no different from McDonald’s failures to call for a halt to the attacks on Bobby Jindal’s character. McDonald continues to twist the facts and accuse his opponent of the very tactics he has used throughout this campaign.

Bobby Jindal and Mike Walsworth are both good and decent men that have worked hard for this state and this region. Neither has deserved to have their character attacked by the very people that have stooped to the lowest levels in order to manipulate the voters and the truth.

I have worked with both Bobby Jindal and Mike Walsworth and I know them both to be of the highest character. I know that Bobby Jindal and Mike Walsworth want to reform our government and create a NEW LOUISIANA.

I also know that their opponents want to maintain the status quo; to keep this state running just as it has always been; to enrich their friends at the expense of this state and its residents; to keep this state last in all the things good.

IF the residents of Louisiana truly want to prosper and to be taken seriously by the rest of this country, we have got to change the way we do business in Louisiana.

IF the people of this state really want to create a future for their children, that is better than what they are facing NOW, we have got to put in place leaders that can make the tough decisions to rid this state of corrupt politicians and start spending our tax dollars on the necessities like better schools and better roads. We don’t have to look far to see this has not been done by the Democrat leadership.

IF we want a NEW LOUISIANA we need Bobby Jindal and Mike Walsworth to lead this state in a new beginning and we need to step up and give them the help they deserve; our support and our vote.

PLEASE, vote, and please help elect the best leaders to change this state by electing BOBBY JINDAL – GOVERNOR and MIKE WALSWORTH – SENATOR, District 33, the right team for a NEW LOUISIANA.

Ascom Releases TEMS Pocket Testing Device for CDMA Networks

Wireless News October 5, 2009

Wireless News 10-05-2009 Ascom Releases TEMS Pocket Testing Device for CDMA Networks Type: News

Ascom Network Testing, Inc. announced the TEMS Pocket testing device for CDMA networks.

The new TEMS Pocket is built into a commercial mobile phone that works both as the user’s phone and as a convenient testing device. here htc touch pro

The HTC Touch Pro phone gives TEMS Pocket a user interface that allows for CDMA network testing. Its small size makes it particularly useful for pedestrian and in-building areas where traditional monitoring solutions are impractical. Network data can be collected discreetly and monitored or processed later.

“We are eager to offer TEMS Pocket to CDMA users,” said Rikard Lundqvist, General Manager of the TEMS business unit. “The TEMS Pocket concept has been very successful for other technologies and adding this product for CDMA underscores our commitment to multi- technology solutions.” see here htc touch pro

TEMS Pocket 8.0 CDMA includes features such as the logfile handling and customizable graphing. Command sequences enable voice, HTTP, and FTP testing. With 16 GB internal storage and GPS functionality, the HTC Touch Pro provides ample support for the TEMS Pocket application, the company noted in a release.

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