Disconnected D.C.

November 13, 2013

Throughout history, leaders have often been given special titles that separate them from their colleagues. Not a title such as “King”, but one that is unique to them. Some titles indicate failure such as Carter’s “Do nothing President”, while other names signified extraordinary leaders. William the conqueror and Alexander the Great come to mind. It is with this in mind that I would nominate a title for Obama: “Obama the Titanic”.

Consider the massive size of the health care law that bares his name. Like the Titanic, Obamacare appeared unsinkable upon it’s launch. A few days later Obamacare now seems to share the same fate into the abyss. With his signature law now sinking, so appears his Presidency. Certainly he now appears to be a lame duck for the next three years.

But is Obama the problem, or is there a much bigger problem. It’s the core problem of what we’re faced with in Washington D.C., not just on the Democratic side of the aisle, but on our side as well. It’s the sophomoric attitude and the people who send them there. I suppose that it is innate, that people like to believe that the leaders they send to Washington are intelligent, and perhaps we take for granted their ability to make good decisions. Most of us just naturally assume that since the elected officials represent us are smart enough to listen to people who know what they are talking about. Perhaps we assume too much.

Unfortunately politicians often go to Washington with their preconceived notions about how things ought to be, and then pick out “experts” who subscribe to those ideas, facts be damned. Wouldn’t you rather a politician break his campaign promise if after he was presented with the proper facts the were to the contrary? It seems, at least to me,  that I would want the guy I voted for to go against my beliefs should the facts prove me wrong.

It is that sophomoric attitude that they know best and they can find experts that back up their claims that disconnects Washington from the rest of America, save Hollywood. It’s an arrogance so great that the words of the opposition can not be heard, that disagreement must not be about policy but rather a personal issue. How many times have you heard it suggested that Obama’s opposition is due to the color of his skin? Yet this suggestion comes at the expense of people who never even made a comment about the President’s race.

It’s rather embarrassing that we are brought down to such juvenile arguments. It’s an argument that I cease to have. I would be embarrassed of my party if they suggested that Bush’s opposition was based solely because of the color of his skin and do not entertain people who chose to make Obama’s color of skin an issue. This is part of the disconnect that Washington has with America. That many elected leaders in Washington see Barack Obama as a “black man” and have been overly cautious to oppose him so as to not appear racist. To most Americans, Obama is not anything but a “man” who is President of the United States. While Washington D.C. is stuck in a 1950’s mentality that color of skin matters, most Americans have moved into the next century and merely don’t care what race he is.

There is an old saying “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. Though the saying speaks for itself, it’s clear that choosing to stay uneducated is detrimental. While Washington fills the halls with arrogance, the facts they chose to ignore will eventually come back to haunt them. Democrats now panicking because people lost their health insurance aren’t panicking because Obamacare has hit an iceberg. They’re panicking because it threatens their re-election.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, that lie isn’t the iceberg. In fact, if the Democrats don’t start getting connected to the people sooner, 2014 could make 2010 look like a good year. Washington is loaded with wealth, cash flows freely, but for most of America budgets are tight. It is the disconnect that Washington looks out into the rest of America and sees the rich and the poor, but seem to think “middle class” is an oxymoron.

It is that middle class who is struggling to pay their bills who are about to be crippled by Obamacare. Obamacare is scheduled to hit the real iceberg in 2014. If increased premiums for the individual market brought congressional Democrats even with Republican, what will happen when the rest of us have the same fate as those in the individual market and our policies get canceled too? The employer mandate was delayed by one year and those cancellation notices should be hitting right around “open enrollment”.  For many companies, “open enrollment” is right about the same time school starts… and that’s going to be right before the elections. Canceled policies and increased premiums aren’t going to go over well with most of America,

But what else is coming down the pike in 2014 are the hidden taxes in Obamacare that will surely take even more money out of family budgets. Whether the impact is minimal or devastating is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain, it’s impact will be a negative one. For those of you who disagree, please explain how increasing taxes helps the economy. I suspect that those increased taxes will make this summer a very cruel one indeed.



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