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January 28, 2012

I recently read this post on Facebook by a friend of mine, Trey Roberts, explaining what he sees happening within the GOP and the dynamics of the caucus. With his permission, I’m posting it here.

So I’m reading, listening, and watching the dynamics of the GOP primary, trying to understand the attacks, the policies, the positions, the alliances and the role, if any, of the tea party movements as well as the potential fall out moving forward. As coherently as I can. I will try to explain what I believe we are witnessing and what we can do to keep our fingers on the pulse of this political heartbeat.

I think to understand what’s happening, you have to first understand and accept that what IS under attack is conservatism. Period. Conservative candidates, conservative ideas, conservative solutions, conservative organizations. Anything conservative must be destroyed. That which cannot be destroyed must be demonized. That which can neither be destroyed or demonized, must at least be labeled as racist, bigoted, homophobic and regressive. There is no other way to explain what we’ve seen since the GOP primary began.

This explanation cover the who, the why and in my humble opinion, the only way to combat and overcome our familiar enemy. First the who. We are accustomed to the attacks on conservatism from the Left (liberals, progressives, socialist and communists) but what has caught many people off guard, is the assault on conservatism from the Right. (republicans, Christians, Tea Parties, etc.). This can only be explained by the very thing that the Founders knew and acknowledged all too well. They knew that the very nature of men was evil. That power corrupts. That if we ever become a nation of men, instead of a nation of laws, that the ruling class would become a minority tyranny over the majority using the mechanism of government to strip the people of their individual liberties. We have witness the mask fall off. We’ve now seen that minority of tyranny in our current ruling class and the establishment elites are in fact working together for their good and not for the good of the nation.

Establishment republicans do not believe that President Obama can be beaten in November. They believe that criticism of this President is a losing proposition and since the mainstream media is squarely in the camp of the administration, acting as an organ of it, they stand to lose more than just the White House. Several months ago, I launched Project Two-Thirds ( and for months now, couldn’t figure out why such a fundamentally sound idea, couldn’t gain any traction or support by those who had the ability to “get the word out.” But then, like Project 2/3’s, it came to me. My goal for p23s was to get control of our tax dollars, the control that was given to us by our Founders, and by gaining control of our tax dollars, spend or not spend our tax dollars as we see fit. We the People, telling government, through our elected officials, what the budget will be. That the deficit spending and the excessive borrowing must stop and do so immediately. Was this not the original concern of the Tea Party movement?

As we approached the 2010 midterms, what was the GOP establishment doing? The hand wringing that establishment GOP strategists were excited about was the apparent landslide victory that the Tea Party would hand them in the House and the ground that would be made in the Senate. But more importantly than winning the White House in 2012, is the maintaining of the House and the gaining control of the Senate because then the Establishment controls the money. They would control the chairmanships, the committees, the appointments and the appropriations. In essence the Establishment wants the power that the Founders intended for us to maintain. P2/3’s is the project that insures that whomever gets the White House, whomever controls the Congress, that the Federal Government knows that it’s popular sovereignty that gave them this opportunity and its popular sovereignty that will strip them of it if they don’t do right by the nation, the people and our posterity.

Well, once they were finished attacking Sarah Palin, attempting to destroy her family, successfully labeling her as dumb and marginalizing her because of her grassroots, non-establishment support, they moved on to the Senate races of Nevada, Deleware and Alaska. Once the GOP primary began, the establishment just kinda lurked, sat and watched to see if any conservative candidate would gain traction in the polls. In November, South Carolina polls showed that Hermain Cain, a black, non-establishment, outsider, Conservative, was beating Romney. What happened next became the first big circus of the GOP presidential primary. Magically as if poof, they appeared from nowhere, women and accusations of harrassment and affairs. These accusations came from nowhere, are still to this day unsubstantiated and there hasn’t been one shread of proof that could be used as evidence that something sexually inappropriate took place. Yet, in the court of public opinion, the media and within Cain’s own family, the pressure became too great and the cost too high and so Cain stepped aside. And peace was again restored.

The next instance of Conservatism under attack was in Iowa. Newt Gingrich, who articulates conservatism the best within the current GOP field, leading by double digits, was bombarded by a barage of negative ads, lies, smears and distortions of record that ultimately hurt him in Iowa, paved the way for Santorum and kept Romney afloat in the process. Again as if from nowhere, Rick Santorum, who had positioned himself as a consistent conservative,finished second in Iowa, proving what the establishment GOP knows, that conservative ideas, whether presented by an articulate speaker like Gingrich or a persona free candidate like Santorum, conservative ideas resonate with voters. Iowa’s good showing was important for Santorum, but no so much in the grand scheme of Presidential Primary Politics as no delegates were up for grabs and the threat to the GOP establishment and their goals were not under much apparent threat considering that although it was close, Romney won anyway. Most conceeded and believed that in the liberal/moderate Northeast and specifically in New Hampshire, Romney would run away with the victory and he did, but then word came out that instead of Romney being 2-0, he was really 1-1, and conservatives were not really connecting with him. So on to South Carolina, where Romney would be tested in the first contest in the South and a strong GOP voting base.

With Rick basically losing most momentum from an average showing in New Hampshire and debates ramping up, Gingrich and his ability to articulate a conservative message and his attack on the liberal media, which most GOP voters believe act biasedly anyway, Gingrich regained the momentum and won, in a stunning upset and devistating message to the Romney camp. Unexplainable, unimaginable and definitely unexpected. The establishment GOP thought that they had destroyed Gingrich enough going into Iowa that there was no way he could perform well in the future, least of all win the first GOP voter primary. What happened next has been the most recent circus and most malicious attack in personal memory.

Gingrich, because of his ability to articulate conservativism, reguardless of the fact that he too is a progressive, was too much of a threat to the establishment and therefore, the stake needed to be driven through his heart. They pulled out the ex-wives, they tied him to Rockafeller, they pitted him against Reagan, they brought up his ethics issues, they used politicians of old, SuperPACs ran commercials and adds like Florida is Custer’s last stand. This is not a defense of Gingrich or and endorsement of Gingrich. I’m supporting Santorum anyway. This is an explaination. The Florida debates weren’t Gingrich’s best performances. Romney did well. Santorum did really well; especially contrasting himself against the previous target and the establishment’s choice. What happened after the second Florida debate and Santorum reinserting himself into the mix? Santorum’s a RINO, Santorum’s a big spender, Santorum’s a progressive, Santorum supports SOPA. Like Gingrich, but on a much smaller level, Santorum came under attack because he was able to express conservative ideas on a big stage, contrasting conservatism against mushy, moderate republicanism. Florida’s upcoming primary is really a test for the establishment to gauge whether or not they’ve placed the last nail in the coffin of conservatism or will there be more nail necessary. If Romney wins Florida, the establishments attacks will be deemed successful and whatever resources are available will be thrown at whatever conservative sharing rival is left in the race.

The most confusing part of this saga so far has been the support for candidates who are so obviously, through their own words, their own records and their own writings, oppostite of what the Tea Party has stood for over the past 2+ years. But even this phenominon is simple to explain. Tea Parties from every corner of the country are consumed with one of a couple of things: either, removing President Obama from the White House and therefore looking for the most electable candidate to support as reported by the so-called experts and pundits, (Romney) auditing the Fed, opposing progressive monitary policy and fiscally responsible governing, (Paul) or articulation of Conservative ideology. (Gingrich/Cain/Santorum) As I predicted months before the 2010 midterms and months before I launch Project Two-Thirds, the Tea Party would be split between many different candidates and momentum within the movement would begin to slow.

It was principles that brought us together. It was principles that our Founders gave us. It is principles that will defeat President Obama. But make no doubt about it, the Establishment GOP is void of principles, running the party, selecting the candidate of their choice and their goal is to win the Senate and not the White House. Winning the White House is an added bonus if one of these candidates ends up doing so.

To the Establishment GOP and to make successful the goal of running Congress, the independent voter is the key. It was independents that elected President Obama, independents that went to the GOP in the 2010 midterms and its the independents that will give them the Senate, if the GOP nominee isn’t an articulate Conservative candidate. They believe that independents fear crazy conservatives. They believe that a conservative candidate will drive the House closer to the Democrats, giving them momentum in 2014 and prevent taking control of the Senate, of which they might not gain for two to three election cycles down the road.

So the establishment GOP has one goal…DESTROY CONSERVATISM! You now know who, what and why. Be wise in you observing of this Primary season and eventually this Presidential election year, but if you don’t begin to seriously focus on the Congressional races in your district, you’re going to end up with a non-Conservative in the White House and a Congress filled with Establishment chosen candidates that will not respond to your phone calls, your emails, your protesting, your sign waving, you petitions signed, your rallies hosted, your yelling, your screaming, your crying and your whinning and most importantly you will have no one to blame but yourself. You were told that upon granting the GOP the House in 2010 that the hard work was not going to be working against the Left, but in fact working against the very people that we gave power to.

Spread the word about Project Two-Thirds. Spread it on every social media site that you participate in. This is the next phase of the fundamental restoration of America and it won’t be done without waking more Americans up and getting to work in your districts, your states and your neighboring states, working together to send Conservatives to Washington.

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