Don’t Have A Cao Man, Defeat the Landrieu’s instead.

November 21, 2009

Photo contribution by Adrian Guillory

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

Over the last few months it’s been quite difficult for me to write, not because there’s been a lack of things to write about, but rather a lack of will. All the threats couldn’t stop me from writing, the name calling was water off a ducks back, losing the election only strengthened my will. Nothing, it seemed, was capable of causing me to stop writing about what I believed in… that was until I looked across the sea of the Right and saw as much self service as I saw on the left. Politics, it seems, is like a rotting piece of meat, it just naturally attracts the maggots.

There’s no one a worse of a leader than somebody who knows everything and has little experience. You may think I’m speaking of our President and you’d be right, but he’s not the only problem. I’m also talking about the incalculable amount of people on the Right, or rather the people opposed to the President who seems more interested in self promotion than actually standing for what’s right. I find it utterly annoying that I’m getting notices from people to join their “fan pages” because they’ve made one appearance on Neil Cavuto or Sean Hannity. They’ve got their battles, they think their the glorious knight riding gallantly into battle, but they’ve got no horse.

I can’t help but to be reminded of the story of Arthur McArthur who picked up his regiment’s flag, and ran up Missionary Ridge calling his regiment to follow him up to the top, while Sherman and Grant watched from Lookout Mountain in disbelief since they had not given the order. McArthur, so tired and out of breathe, collapsed while his regiment took the hill. That move ended the battle of Chattanooga and won Arthur McArthur the Congressional Medal of Honor. He had a son named Douglas McArthur .

I think of that story because one rose naturally in the heat of the battle and real history was made not once, but twice, not because they’ve made their way, but because they were prepared and the circumstances came. We are at a time when greatness is desperately needed, we’ve got a President who is setting up Czars to replace the Senate, is quickly making dramatic changes to our nation that devalues our dollars, gives government incredible powers over our health and health care, is lining up enemies that all seem to be Americans, and making allies out of enemies of Freedom. He’s slow to make decisions concerning the safety and well being of our soldiers, has been incompetent in telling us where the money has gone including telling us money has gone to congressional districts that don’t even exists, and pretends that it’s not serious. It won’t be long before this President tries to undo the constitutional amendment that prohibits any person from serving more than two terms as President… and many on the Right are more interested in their own self serving, self righteous, self promotion… their own relevancy.

They want perfection, attacking Cao when regardless of how Cao voted, they would never vote for him, or could never vote for him. Some will never vote Republican any way, but most of Cao’s criticism comes from outside his district. Truth is, we didn’t lose that vote because Cao was the lone Republican who voted for health care and Cao’s constituents probably wanted him to vote that way. In fact, I think it’s embarrassing the Democrats went on T.V. talking about how the bill was “bipartisan” because one Republican voted with them, while more Democrats voted against them. How any Democrat can look at the T.V. and be proud the Democrats got a “Bipartisan vote” is beyond me. I was embarrassed for the Democrats. I was humiliated for the Democrats, proud to be a Republican, but humiliated and embarrassed that I actually was raised a Democrat. Which was more “Bipartisan”? The vote for, or the vote against? We didn’t lose the vote on health care because of Cao, we lost the vote because we couldn’t get enough Democrats to vote against it.

And we are on the verge of losing again because Harry Reid is bringing the vote to the floor of the Senate, where he wouldn’t be doing unless he was sure that he had enough votes… and Mary Landrieu will vote for it when it comes right down to it. Senate Mary Landrieu will be voting for the bill unless they have enough votes without her. Why else do you think that 100 million is even in there that goes strictly for Louisiana? That clause isn’t in there just for Mary’s vote, it’s in there because she’s agreed to vote for it. Mary’s betting that you’ll forget this health care vote before it’s time to re-elect her… not because she’s trying to bring home the bacon. You’ll forget she did that too by the time she gets re-elected.

But here’s the kicker, much of that health care bill goes into effect after “Obama’s re-election” so if you do forget, you won’t feel the effect before he takes office. Mary Landrieu’s re-election? In 2014, after much of this bill goes into effect, and you start to actually feel exactly how bad this bill’s going to be. It’s not just going to be old women who discover cancer late because they couldn’t get a mammogram, but their husbands, children, friends, and the rest of their families will be going to vote with that fresh in their minds… and they’ll have Mary Landrieu to thank for that.

So why is Mary Landrieu so willing to betray her state knowing what’s in this bill, and knowing that much of this takes effect just before her re-election? One has to wonder if Obama’s administration has the goods on Landrieu, that there’s a reason the FBI is coming down so hard on Louisiana, and why Mary Landrieu stuck her nose into Baton Rouge’s bond election. It wasn’t that long ago that Nancy Pelosi got a few Democrats in the house to buckle their knees with threats of ethics investigations. Is this also the case with Landrieu, who knows voting for this will cost her re-election? Would it actually be worse for her to vote the will of her constituents than to vote the will of Harry Reid, President Obama, and Nancy Pelosi? There is no way Mary Landrieu will ever be able to come back to Louisiana as the “moderate Senator” after bowing down to the Democrat leadership.

While many on the Right are still causing disarray by worrying about their own ambitions, those Republicans that endorsed Mary Landrieu may have just cost us the war because they didn’t want to be the nail in the shoe. They’re going to have a backlash against them by their constituents. As for the simpletons who are as concerned about “neocons”, the GOP, and other petty things, well they’ll be left out on an island, living as “Neo” in the Matrix in their own minds, not accomplishing anything, but convinced they are saving the world. Those who put the imperfections to the side and their own ambitions away and those who unite for the common cause to end this iron fisted grab at government control over our daily lives will be in the fight.

I think of Thomas Jefferson, who during trying times, would much rather have been at his home in Monticello, but left not for his own ambitions, not to save the world, but out of duty. He stood quietly in Independence Hall, while men who thought theirselves great men orated for hours on end. Jefferson stood quietly, and wrote the Declaration of Independence. He’s remembered, the other 55 nearly forgotten.

While I sound as if I’m being critical, I am. However, as I’ve been able to witness over the last few weeks, the rank and file of those willing to be nothing more than nail in the shoe, or whatever else duty calls them to do, is swelling in numbers. This health care bill is going to pass, and Democrats are going to have a very long and brutal 2010.

As for the rest of the Jack Strains out there, either join the unified front, or be on an island with your petty differences with the world and your personal ambitions.

OH, WHAT A YEAR; The tests have all been taken, grades been handed out and the dust has settled on the 2010-11 sports year. Let’s take a moment to reflect back on some of the most memorable moments from the past sports season.(NEWS) web site chanhassen high school

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) June 22, 2011 Byline: BRIAN STENSAAS; STAFF WRITER Rosemount: Runners-up and proud of it Rosemount came up just short of its second state championship, losing the Class 5A Prep Bowl 31-14 to a tough Wayzata team. When it concluded, the result forced a bevy of emotions.

After hugs, tears and a final roaring salute to the student section with the state runner-up trophy held high, coach Jeff Erdmann got his group together one last time with a simple tweet of his whistle. He spoke to the team reading off a printed sheet of paper. It was an impassioned 5-minute speech that in a nutshell described Erdmann’s approval for a season well done.

“Our guys handle themselves very well in all situations,” Erdmann told reporters after the team meeting broke. “I’m proud of our guys, extremely proud of what our guys did. We played very consistent football all the way through. We’re thrilled with our guys’ efforts throughout the season and all the preparation that went into being the type of team to compete at this level.” Rosemount’s loss was its only one of the season. The Irish won by being a hard-nosed team that thrived on using a punishing run-you-down approach. Nick Liska, Andrew Hausmann and Kevin Larson combined for 2,664 yards rushing heading into the Prep Bowl.

A deep run for Burnsville In its debut state tournament appearance, Burnsville’s boys’ lacrosse team had a respectable showing at Chanhassen High School. The Blaze scored first and was even with top-seed Benilde-St. Margaret’s at halftime in the state semifinals before losing 11-10 to the Red Knights. That was the most goals allowed by BSM — the eventual state champion — all season. Senior attacker Bohdi Engum and senior midfielder Brian Atkinson led Burnsville with four goals and three goals, respectively, in the semifinals. Two days later in the third-place game, the Blaze walked happy after an 11-7 victory over White Bear Lake. Engum and junior Jake Maxon each had a hat trick in that game.

Lakeville coach on the mend Lakeville’s hockey community was shaken in February when Lakeville North girls’ hockey coach Buck Kochevar fractured his skull after a fall on the ice while preparing the team for a section playoff game. Kochevar had part of his skull removed and a plate inserted after the incident. A week later at the state tournament, Lakeville South coach Perry Wilkinson said Kochevar already was improving.

“He’s almost like the old Buck,” Wilkinson said. “He’s getting there.” Kochevar was able to attend the team’s banquet in April. The latest update on his site said he continues to make remarkable progress, passing hearing tests and is rid of the vertigo he had experienced.

Wire-to-wire winner Shakopee sophomore Maria Hauger dominated the girls’ state cross-country race for a second year in a row last fall, completing the 4,000-meter course in 14 minutes, 18.9 seconds. Alexandria’s Jamie Piepenburg was the closest to Hauger, finishing in 14:33.1. see here chanhassen high school

“The middle of the race I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’m going to have anything left,'” said Hauger, a sophomore who won by nearly 14 seconds in 2009.

“But I recovered. When I got to the mile, I couldn’t believe my mile time — it was like 5:10, and I knew that was really fast.” As the race stretched on, so did Hauger’s lead. From the crack of the gun — the second, actually, after an unfair start initially was ruled — Hauger was the clear leader.

“This one, I felt like it was going to be harder,” Hauger said. “I feel more overjoyed with this one. I was supposed to win this one. I was the most nervous for a race I’ve ever been.” Sixth time is the charm Milan Mader had to weather five state championship match losses before finally winning the big one in the Class 3A volleyball tournament in November. Lakeville North’s 3-0 sweep over Wayzata left Mader — a 35-year coaching veteran — overcome with emotion.

“I broke down and cried, and I’m not afraid of that,” Mader said. “After being second five times, I don’t think I could handle a sixth time, you know?” Mader, 72, was asked about retirement following the Panthers’ dominating victory over the Trojans, in which they went on runs of 13-1, 9-3 and 8-2 to close the deal. He didn’t give a definite answer on continuing his career that includes more than 800 victories, but the interest to come back is there.

Shakopee softball’s roll Though the season came to an abrupt halt with two losses in the state tournament, Shakopee’s softball team rolled through the regular season. The Sabers came to North Mankato — their first trip to state in 31 years — with a 20-2 record. Of those 20 victories, eight were by shutout and 10 featured 10 or more runs for Shakopee.

“They’ve all had banner years, putting it together at the same time,” coach Neil Johnson said. “It’s been great fielding and great hitting. And we’re riding the arm of Ashley Walker, of course. We can’t complain.” Walker pitched 17 innings over two games in the Class 3A, Section 2 final. She also had two home runs and five RBI.

Twin brothers pace Lakeville North golfers Lakeville North qualified for its fourth boys’ golf state tournament this spring. The team was guided by an unlikely threesome.

Senior Adam Petterson, who stands 6-7 and also plays on the Panthers’ boys’ basketball team, was flanked by the much shorter twin brother combo of Bobby and Freddy Thomas.

“It’s pretty funny when you see those two next to Adam,” head coach Steve Sabetti said.

And the three all possess a different skill, ones that helped Lakeville North finish sixth last week at Bunker Hills.

Despite his size, Petterson is actually is a better putter than driver. Bobby Thomas is the power hitter. He shot a 2-under 71 at the Dakota County Invitational.

“For a little guy, he can really crank it,” Sabetti said.

Freddy Thomas is the tactician, who methodically works his way around the course. He tied for medalist honors with two-day score of 150 at the Class 3A Section 1 tournament.

With two vastly different approaches, the Thomas brothers, Sabetti calls them “golf nuts,” came out with similar scores. They should be a force for years to come.

Apple Valley’s success story By now, you know all about Apple Valley and its successes. And the Eagles just keep getting stronger.

They made headlines during all three sports seasons. In the fall, coach Chuck Scanlon led the boys’ soccer team to another undefeated season, winning its ninth state title with a 3-0 victory against Minneapolis Southwest. Apple Valley pushed its state-record winning streak to 47 games with the victory.

A few months later, the wrestling team breezed to its sixth consecutive and 19th overall state wrestling championship. Included in that was senior Destin McCauley’s fifth individual crown. The 152-pounder was also named the National Wrestling Coaches Association senior wrestler of the year in May.

Less than a month later, Eagles boys’ basketball player Tyus Jones was named to the U.S. National Development Team. He was one of only 12 players to be named to the team.



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