Drill For Jobs!!!

August 5, 2011

Drill for jobs? What does this mean? Think of this, if Obama and his administration had allowed drilling in 2009, by now we would have seen many wells producing our own oil both on and off shore. Now if Obama and his administration had also said they would build at least 50 new oil refineries, right about now we would have seen a number of these refineries coming on line and the price of oil falling below $60 a barrel! But to the chagrin of this wonderful nation, Obama and his administration have done all they could to stop drilling for oil and working on any other source of energy except the “Green Jobs” of which the Obama wants so very bad, but cannot produce enough jobs to keep the nation working. Our nation has 2 TRILLION Barrels of oil JUST in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, our nation has even more offshore and maybe even more elsewhere where Obama and his administration just refuse to allow oil and Natural gas companies to explore! We need at least 50 new oil refineries to produce all our own oil.

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Just think, 50 new oil refineries where we could send the oil we produce rather then sending the oil to our enemies down in South America and other places to refine it into fuel we can use! This would create at least 2500 jobs just to run the refineries not including the vast number of people that would be employed supplying those new refineries. Now if Obama and his administration had allowed drilling across the United States, that by itself would have created another few thousand jobs just on the new drilling rigs not to mention the new jobs running the pipelines for the new refineries. Believe it or not, by now, just over a year after the Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, our nation could be producing Billions of barrels of our own oil, enough to close down all the imports from the very nations that wish to control our nation and the world oil market!

If Obama and his administration where as energetic with the development of oil, our nation by now could be on our way to tell the foreign nations that we do not need their oil, but instead, Obama and his administration are more involved in the development of “Green Jobs” that have not produced enough jobs to keep the amount of people working that we need to be working. Obama and his administration need to change and drill for jobs because they could release the drilling in our nation which would create jobs from the oil drilling and producers.

Jobs from drilling would help our nation as would cheaper oil prices and cheaper fuel prices, which would happen if we drilled and produced our own oil. Obama and his administration have also hurt the coal companies and they have done as much as they could to stop the drilling for Natural gas of which by the way, our nation has more then the entire world has on hand! The amount of Natural gas that can be had by drilling has not been counted yet. Estimates have been Trillions of cubic feet of Natural Gas and if they were allowed to drill and produce these fields, probably more could be found yet Obama and his administration have failed to allow the true total drilling and production of all these Natural gas fields.

China is drilling for Natural gas just out of sight of the Florida coast and Florida has trillions of cubic feet of Natural Gas just off their shoreline yet they refuse to allow drilling for this while they have a pipeline that runs directly from Louisiana Natural gas fields to Florida so they can have and use Natural Gas, and the best part of this is that some of this pipeline may well run directly over a huge Natural Gas field along the Florida Coast! China can drill almost within sight of the Florida coast, for oil and natural Gas while our nation could have drilled and produced the very well that China now has just off the coast of south Florida! All just because the people of Florida don’t want drilling off their coast! Yet a lot of this Natural Gas and oil lay off their coast in Federal waters where if the Obama administration would allow it, they could drill and produce oil and Natural Gas in amounts that would support our needs without any input from our enemies!

Our nation could employ almost all the people that want jobs if just 3 things were done by our government it would not take long to move all the negative moves into the positive. First, if Obama and his administration would drop the Corporate Tax down to about 5%, it would draw a number of manufacturing plants back here to re-open manufacturing plants because then it would be cheaper to make objects here then to make them overseas and ship them back over here. Second, we would need to build at least 50 new oil refineries so we could produce our own gasoline and other fuels instead of sending the oil we do produce to other nations some that are our enemies. Third, open up all drilling within our nation and offshore, this would create thousands of jobs building the drilling rigs needed and the people needed to do the work. With just these 3 moves, the nation would see a much better time along with cheaper fuel costs and that would also result in a cheaper food and commodities that people use making the entire market a much better place with just 3 simple moves, but the Obama administration and the Democrats along with the Republicans cannot see that far. They are blind as a bat unless they can just spend money our nation does not have! If these groups including the Obama administration would just open up all the oil drilling and make the one move to drop corporate Tax down to 5%, it would help much more then borrowing from other nations!

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