Egg On My Face Part 2- Republican Leadership

June 12, 2013

Part 1

But it is, or was John Boehner who took a rotten egg and hit me in the face with it. Boehner, who should not be the House Majority Leader, has bucked his own party’s standards in order to work with President Obama time and time again. If John Boehner wants to be the leader of the Right, then he needs to understand who he leads. I’ve got more respect for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama than I do John Boehner. Now, understand this, I have more than once encouraged my fellow Republicans, Tea Partiers, or in general friends on the Right, to keep in mind who the real enemy is. Yes we should be critical of members of the Republican Party, and yes, we ought to criticize the Tea Party and Libertarians as well, but Libertarians, Tea Partiers, and Republicans are still allies and we should be mindful of such.

I believe that I have been more than reasonable and patient with John Boehner’s willingness to go against his own party and work with the Democrats, and as an individual Republican, it is John Boehner’s right to vote in the interest of his Constituents or his own re-election. However, as the leader of Republicans nationally, and he does represent Republican House members from across the country, he should be mindful that at times he has the opportunity to advance the party’s agenda.

I must say, I have more respect for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama than I do John Boehner. For what it is worth, as much as I can’t stand either one of them, they went to Washington as leaders of their party, and that’s exactly what they do, lead. If Democrats don’t want to “fight” with Republicans, they are more than welcome to adopt our beliefs and come over to the Republican party. But they do want to fight with Republicans, that’s why they are there. There are in Washington to fight for their beliefs. They are their to forward an agenda other than their own, and as misguided as their beliefs may be, they never betray their belief in a big central government. They compromise and get a little bigger government each time. Republicans are supposed to be for less taxes and less government, but it seems to me each time I see the Republican leadership such as Bush, Boehner, McCain, or Graham going to bat for Republican ideas, it is about “taxes”, but it seems so seldom less government.

It is Boehner’s latest act that has left me with egg on my face for defending his positions. Boehner’s proclamation that Edward Snowden is a “traitor” I find to be appalling. Not that Edward Snowden disrupting some government’s can be viewed as “Unpatriotic”. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know what is in Snowden’s head. But Boehner’s proclamation seems to indicate that Boehner not only supports what the government is being alleged of doing, but it seems to me that Boehner is admitting and acts as if he’s a man with prior knowledge. This would make Boehner culpable.

The NSA wiretapping scandal, if proven true is a big win for the Republican party, that is, if the Republican leadership would begin to understand that less government involvement in our lives is equally, if not more important, than lower taxes. Instead of representing the Republican party and leading Republicans on an issue that most Republicans (and most Democrats and Independents I bet) are opposed to, Boehner defends it and goes into attack mode.

Maybe John Boehner’s career isn’t better off if he steps down, but the Republican Party clearly can do better with some new leadership for the House Majority. Perhaps our Republican Congressmen will put a little pressure on the leadership to stand up for less government too, after all, it was the Republican congressmen who put Boehner there in the first place.

If you want to woe Democrats and Independents over to the Republican party, perhaps the Republicans should try “less government”? There are a lot of Democrats and Independents who don’t want government controlling their lives. And while I understand that John Boehner likes wining and dining with his good friends in Washington and he trusts them to do what’s good for the country because they are nice guys. Well Pol Pot was a nice guy too, until he slaughtered thousands of people.

In the early 90’s, we had a warning in a movie called “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock. It’s about more than trust. Sure we could trust George Bush, or we can trust Obama, and maybe the next president and the next one after that, but it’s a ticking time b*mb and sooner or later somebody is going to abuse that power in a God awful way. This is something that most people in the general public will understand. Either the people in Washington don’t get it, or worse, they do get it. Either way, the way Republicans and Democrats unite on the NSA wiretapping should scare the living daylights out of us. Is there anybody in Washington who is on the side of “We, the people”?


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