Egg On My Face Part 1

June 12, 2013

There are some things in life that I get, sometimes you have to be willing to compromise, you have to win elections in order to get things done, and sometimes it isn’t easy to stand for your beliefs, regardless of what they are. Politics is the art of the possible. Sometimes it’s possible for you to get most of what you want, sometimes the break is about half of what you want, and sometimes you just have to sniff the bones and wait for better days. You have to pick and choose. Sometimes you have to weigh your gains verses your losses. Sometimes you have to bend, and other times you have to stand your ground. It’s not always easy when you’re getting pulled different directions.

The big thing about politics is that there are a lot of people involved in the process, 435 congressmen, 100 Senators, and the executive branch. Each has their staffers trying to influence how they vote, and let’s not to about the special interests groups from the far Left to the far Right, trying to influence policy. Unions, teachers, gun owners, elderly, and many more special interest groups. You have financial donors, campaign volunteers, and people who put up yard signs for the candidate trying to influence policy.  You have people, such as myself, who try to influence people. Why else would you write about politics if you weren’t trying to influence your readers who in turn help shape the future? You then you have the people that really matter, but contribute so little to the process trying to influence elections. We can only begin to talk about the influence on politics coming from Main Stream Media, movies, music, and books.

With all these people, politics becomes much more than black and white. You find that black and white people will work together, Democrats and Republicans work together, men and women work together, and they do it, not out of love for each other, but because they share a common interest. Not all Democrats believe in gun control, high taxes, environmentalism, or socialism. In fact, most Democrats disagree with their party on at least one issue. When Republicans find issues that a large percentage of Democrats disagree with their party on, Republicans need to capitalize.

The important thing in politics is to remember a two rules

“There is no such thing as permanent friends and there is no such thing as permanent enemies”

“It’s never personal. You don’t make things personal, you don’t take things personal”

These two rules go hand in hand. You must always remember that he who is your enemy today could be your ally tomorrow. When they are your enemy, or on the opposing side, your goal is to win the debate. Yes, you do what ever you can do to win. Notice that I did not say “need”, but instead I said “can”. Often times you will see people so desperate to win the debate that they begin to attack their opponents on a personal level, on both sides of the aisle. In doing so, you end up with the tendency to make those enemies permanent. On the other side, taking things personal creates ill will, and reduces your willingness to work with tomorrow’s allies because they were today’s enemies. The best policy is to treat everybody with respect, especially when they have a difference of opinion, but you should also know who is usually an ally, and who is usually an enemy. Politics is much better with too many allies than it is with too many enemies.

So it has been with a humbleness and humility that I, a simple writer, must come out against my own party. For too long, I have defended not their vote, but our alliance. I recognize that many conservatives have an overzealous desire to “throw the bums” out because they didn’t “stand with us” on one or two issues.  The reality is, you didn’t “stand with them” on one or two issue, and on differences of opinion within allies, it’s best to disagree as friends and have a willingness to work together on issues which you disagree.Now, I do not condemn the “Republican Party”, the party as a whole still agrees with me on most issues. But it is with egg on my face that I now condemn many leaders in the Republican Party. I have long had issues with Lindsey Graham and John McCain. I’m disgusted that Lindsey Graham and John McCain continuously hold our party hostage over views that goes against most of my party members views. I’ve have long thought that McCain and Graham are two Senators who put self over country. Time and time against they back stab members of their own party for their own political gain. I’m not talking about voting in the senate, but rather, going on talk shows and chastising other Republicans, and for what else if not for their own personal gain?

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