Electric Bill?

July 21, 2007

The Louisiana House District 69 is already a crowded race with 5 Republicans vying for the seat, and possibly more getting in. The early buzz had David Boneno and David Fakouri getting in the race, but neither has given any notice of running.

While those two haven’t jumped in yet, Melissa Deshotels, Bill Benedetto, Brian McNabb, Erich Ponti, and Bob Thibodeaux are the announced candidates. So far, this seems to be about Brian McNabb, Erich Ponti and the three others who don’t have a website. Actually, I only found Brian and Erich’s website, though I assume the other three will have one.

I’m finding this race particularly interesting because, well, because I had this email forwarded to me by J.P. Losman:

Dear Friends:

Our campaign for the House seat in District 69 continues to gain momentum and support. I am ending my second week of unemployment and fixed income and it feels terrific. I’m now spending full time on the campaign.

The outpouring of support and contributions resulting from the ridiculous attack by Glasper on my integrity has been phenomenal. I sincerely thank all of you who called or sent messages and letters (and checks) of support. I have been around politics long enough to know it can get rough.

According to news reports, I now have four opponents. I have only met two of them, but they all seem to be good, sincere people. I am confident we will have a good, positive campaign based on the issues and not personal attacks. Having said that, with this many people in the race, every vote counts now more than ever and we will have to work harder to get in the runoff.

I have been meeting with groups and individuals, discussing issues, concerns and ideas. These have been very positive meetings and the issues are falling right in line with our positions. If you would like to setup a meeting with a group or individually, please give me a call at (Edited). Also, if you would like to add anyone to our updates distribution list, please send their email address to me.

As many of you have noted, in the last few weeks our signs have increased considerably throughout the district. According to the political campaign experts, you can never have too many signs. (go figure) Please continue to ask your friends, family and neighbors for permission to have one of our beautiful, unobtrusive signs put in their yard. Just let me know of the location by phone or email, and we will deliver and place it.

We have several exciting fundraisers in the planning stage and as soon as we have them finalized, we will let you know. In addition, the website design is in the final stage and should be up and running very soon. Stafford Kendall’s group is working feverishly to get it on line and I think you will find it very useful.
The election is October 20th. It’s very important we continue to move this campaign forward and keep the momentum going. This is a critical point in our state’s history. We have the opportunity to change the face of our legislature, slam the door on politics of old and move our state forward to a progressive and brighter future.

If you join me in this effort, I know we will succeed.


Best regards,


Bill Benedetto

Now, at first I thought this had to be a hoax, but J.P. assures me that it’s legit. I don’t know what the rest of you are thinking, but it seems to me like Entergy’s former spokesman is trigger happy. He’s already taking potshots at a guy, and it’s not even one of his opponents.

I do know that during the BREC renewal tax was up, Darryl Glasper and Bill Benedetto found each other on opposing sides, but it seems to me that Benedetto is a little Bitterdetto over that campaign.

I wonder what Glasper did to make this grown man cry. It must have been serious. I mean, this guy was the spokesman for a company (Entergy) that cut people’s lights out on them.

Okay, some of you are going to tell me, “Well AV, if you pay your bills on time…”, yeah, I get that. Pay your bills on time and your lights won’t get cut off. But electricity is an unnecessary necessity, and to cut a person’s lights off takes a little bit of a stone heart. Certainly a guy who could cut off somebody’s lights can handle the political manuevering of Darryl Glasper.

If he can’t, what’s he doing running for office? And if he gets onto the House floor, will he whine about how his opponents hurt his feelings?

I suppose I shouldn’t say too much more about Benedetto, after all, he is on a “fixed income”.

I can’t help it, this email from “Bill Benedetto” can’t be from a guy who’s serious about becoming the next Representative. There’s other things in the email that I find well quite funny… such as “beautiful, unobtrusive signs”, as if having them in your yard will increase the land value. Oh Bill, I’m about to sell my house, can I have a yard sign to help beautify my home? By what percentage will one yard sign increase my home value?

Whether or not you believe this email is real, it will be interesting to see exactly how “Electric Bill” Benedetto will fair in this election. Will he come out with guns blazing? Will he cry when they hand it back? Will the voters be ready for an extra electric bill in October? Or will Bill be disconnected?

Whatever the outcome, the District 69 race is certain to send a jolt through Baton Rouge. Louisiana Conservative will keep an electric eye on this ‘Power’-ful race.

UPDATE: Melissa Deshotel’s website can be found here.

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Red, You may want to try something new to avoid looking foolish. It goes like this: Step 1 - investigate Step 2 - then comment Exhibit A: http://www.billbenedetto.com/ Although mindless chatter on politics is quite the norm, let's not add to the problem.

Red Wardell
Red Wardell

Here in the digital age, you have to wonder why the Bill Benedetto campaign doesn't have a web site. Maybe he used the same strategy as he did at BREC, and hired one of his incompetent buddies to launch and maintain his campaign website.

Tommy Tuttle
Tommy Tuttle

I have never met Mr. Benedetto, but I have to wonder why someone would attempt to use the BREC board as a political springboard to run for the legislature. Wasn't BREC created to keep the politics out of the decision-making in our parks department? I am going to have the same problem with Dan Kyle if he decides to run for state treasurer while serving on BREc. I think both of them should resing from BREC if they are going to run for state office. A lot of the back-and-forth between Benedetto and BREC Commissioner Darrell Glasper wouldn't be happening if Benedetto wasn't running for the Legislature. If Benedetto is so thin-skinned that he can't handle criticsim by Glapse, I shudder to think what would happen if Benedetto actually gets elected. Although based on the signs I see, that doesn't appear very likely.

S. H.
S. H.

What's the beef with Mr. Benedetto? If authentic, there's nothing in that letter that makes this race anything more than routine. There's also nothing out of the ordinary in that letter that would make a rational mind think it is a hoax. What's rare is a politician with a sense of humor about what it takes to get elected. Lighten up folks. The comments from the author of this article seem a bit too middle school in quality to be appearing on a political website. The first sentence of the second paragraph is characterized as crying? Am I the only one that sees that characterization as being overly dramatic and quite childish? I'd like to see this Hansen fellow elaborate on how Mr. Benedetto will harm taxpayers. Hansen's description over the BREC video contract sounds like someone who utterly neglected to do his homework before commenting on the issue. A quick glance at the BREC website shows the biggest obstructionist to BREC projects is none other than Mr. Glasper. It's not uncommon to see the vote counts as 8 in favor and 1 opposed, with that opposing vote being Glasper's (when he's not abstaining). Has anyone else noticed that Glasper seems to be raising a stink only because his own handpicked candidate who was the sole videographer during previous BREC meetings when no competition was offered did not get awarded the contract after it was reviewed by three review committees? It has been Mr. Glasper's behavior and conduct (particularly over this BREC video contract) which has struck me as a poor fit for any civic organization. BREC will be better served when Glasper's term expires. I look forward to the day when the organization can conduct itself with dignity and leave behind the name calling and false accusations favored by Mr. Glasper.

Don Hansen
Don Hansen

Bill Benedetto trying to run for the Legislature as a conservative is like a jackass trying to mate with a porcupine. No matter how careful you are, you're to get pricked by that little dick if you are a taxpayer. Thanks God he's firmly entrenched in last place. And for the record, I live in his district and I've only seen three Bendetto signs: one in front of vacant, damaged house, and a second on a vacant lot. The third was in front of real residence, but the guy took it down after a couple of weeks. I think he changed his mind after learning that Benedetto talked BREC into the highest bidder on the television contract so one of his buddies could get the job.

Leigh Davis
Leigh Davis

I think you should look again.........www.deshotels07.com


J.P. Losman, isn't he a QB for the Buffalo Bills?

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