Estado Unidos, Admision’ Gratis (United States, Free Admission)

November 23, 2007

Or translated, United States, Free Admission.

The debate over illegal immigration has steadfastly grown since 9-11, and it doesn’t seem like a debate that’s going to end anytime soon. It’s not a debate that has overtaken our dinner tables like the 2000 Presidential debate, but it’s there like a pot of stew on the stove simmering, just waiting for something to turn up the heat causing it to boil over.

I have to admit, I am very pro immigrant. When I hear Hispanics in America complain about racial discrimination, I point to the thousands of Latinos who come here legally and make a great life in America for their family as well as their selves. How can the thousands of Cubans come here with nothing but the shirts on their backs, who can’t even speak the English language and turn Miami into the empire that it’s become in less than twenty years? Yet American born Chicanos who can’t even speak Spanish and grew up speaking the English language need welfare to combat discrimination? How is this possible?

Come to think of it, how is it possible that illegal immigrants can come to this country and become a success, yet we have people here who can’t get a job?

Before 9-11, I really didn’t have a problem with illegal immigrants coming to America, they did work that I didn’t want to do, that I didn’t have to do, and as long as they weren’t hurting me or anybody else, what was the problem? And for most Americans, what did it matter to them? We were a welcoming country, that is, were a welcoming country. To a large extent, we still are, but for many of us 9-11 changed that. Something about airplanes crashing into two towers and the Pentagon. I seem to remember something about that, don’t you?

And despite the stupid people’s beliefs, George Bush did not fly those planes into the buildings.

For many Americans that instantly changed their perception of foreigners, and can you blame them? Really, some crazy people from another country crashed into a building killing thousands of innocent people and we think it’s unreasonable to blame foreign people? Once people began to feel safe again, common sense began to crawl back into the minds of people and we understood that it’s not all foreigners who tie bombs to their selves and kill people. We still welcome people into the United States, but we just want to be cautious and know who’s coming into our country.

But some of us want the nation to be stupid. Some people are concerned about our ports, I guess they’re afraid terrorist are hiding inside all that oil inside the ships, but don’t think terrorist will come over the border of Mexico. Look, I know what I look like, if you put a turban on my head, tied a bomb around my waist, and had me screaming “Allah Akbar”, somebody will shoot me. So if it’s that easy for me too look like a Muslim terrorist, let’s face it, it’s that easy for them to not look like a Muslim terrorist. Put a sombrero on their head, a Pancho over their chest and teach them to say “Donde estan Estados Unidos” and poof, you have an illegal immigrant.

So imagine my dismay at George Bush’s amnesty proposal… how can I believe this guy is serious about fighting terrorism when they leave a back door to America so clearly open? As hard-hearted as it is to say ‘no’ to people who want to come to the country illegally, it’s something that we must do in a post 9-11 world. Why is it so hard for people to understand? Is it even something they want to understand?

If you want to know what I think is hard hearted is, is making it more difficult for Hispanic immigrants to succeed by putting everything in Spanish, making it easier for them to speak their own language, and making it harder for them to learn the English language. People have the ability to adapt, and the more they have to speak English the easier it becomes for them to learn. The more they are allowed to speak Spanish, the harder it becomes for them to learn English. Without the ability to speak English, the harder it becomes for them to succeed in the United States. You really aren’t so arrogant to think only Americans are capable of speaking two languages are you? But that’s really another topic, isn’t it?

I don’t buy the argument that they are doing jobs that Americans won’t do. If that’s the case, then why are we paying so many people to be professional daytime talk show analyst? Really, if we need to import people to do our work, then is there really a need for welfare? It seems to me that many people on welfare don’t need welfare, it’s just that they don’t want to do the jobs that illegal immigrants are coming here to do. Their argument convinces me it’s time to end welfare. And at the same time they are giving amnesty and calling it “border protection”, they want to raise the minimum wage and increase the fees to come to America legally.

The problem with raising the minimum wage is that it makes it more expensive for employers to hire American citizens and increases the value of illegal immigrants in the workforce. Put yourself in the employers shoes for a minute. You need some work done and you want to hire an American citizen for $5.50/hr because that’s what you could afford. Your government tells you that you must pay him $6.50 an hour, and this illegal immigrant is willing to do it for $3.00/hr. Who do you hire? The person you can afford to pay, right?

And coming here legally has just gotten more expensive. Put yourself in the immigrants shoes, well, unless he’s from a third world country and can’t afford shoes. You’re living in a third world country and jobs are scarce. Unemployment and underemployment is sitting at 80% or higher. Money is tough to come by and your family can barely scrounge up enough money to get you here, by legal or illegal means. Unfortunately the United States government just raised the price of admission into the United States. Now, the only way you can afford to come into the United States is through less than legal means. What are you going to do?

We are encouraging illegal immigration by raising fees to come here legally and by raising the minimum wage. I have to agree with our Louisiana Senators (Vitter and Landrieu) who both oppose the amnesty bill and have supported more stricter means of protecting our borders, but I would encourage my Senators to do more to combat illegal immigration. That is, do more to get people off of welfare, lower the cost of coming to America legally, and not raising minimum wage.

We can stop illegal immigration and not have any hostility towards foreigners coming to our country. Make people work for their welfare, make them do the so called “jobs that Americans just won’t do” if they want their welfare checks. Make it easier for people to come to the United States legally, and help employers give jobs to Americans by not making it so expensive for them to do so. If we want to solve the problem with illegal immigration, the solution must come from within, not at our borders.


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