Our Workshops

Twice a month we have workshops to help those in recovery. It’s kind of a rundown of the recovery process, and what life looks like afterward. We talk about the type of coping skills needed and possibilities for success later on.

Recovery can seem scary, and so can group therapy. That’s why we have these workshops. They don’t take commitment and can be an excellent introduction for those who aren’t sure if they are ready for recovery.

“Louisiana Conservative” has one primary goal, and that is to spread the word of our recovery and give help to our community. Feel free to come in and ask for more information about our workshops. We hope to see you soon.

Potluck Sundays

So our community tends to be very close-knit. That is because we know the deepest secrets and fears of each other and provide the most important type of support. Because of this, it can feel like a little family. Sometimes we are all the family that a member has.

Potluck Sundays are meant to bring home cooked meals to members who might subsist off of frozen meals or fast food. We want a sense of community and family to overwhelm others. They need to be reminded that they aren’t alone. It’s also just a great way to spend time together that isn’t heavy and layered with the struggle of addiction. We are all normal too.

Baseball Games

We love scheduling events that can involve the entire community. Everyone loves a good bit of competitive sport, and it’s a great way to get some exercise. We join together and play a good game of baseball or whatever sport was voted on, and we get to work on our social skills.

You don’t have to play to be involved; you can help organize or provide food or even cheer for a team. Come to one of our sports events if you get the chance. You won’t be sorry.

Meeting timelines

A meeting usually starts with a bit of a meet and greet where we drink coffee, eat donuts, and talk a bit about our lives. Then we get started and introduce ourselves. Everyone gets to say a little bit about themselves. We usually have a topic to discuss and work from there.

It is important to feel safe and welcome, and we always make sure to give everyone the chance to speak.