Evolving, that’s what you call it?

May 11, 2012

So President Obama has evolved his stance on gay marriage, which means, he’s for gay marriage now, just as he was when he ran for State Senate, but somewhere it evolved into he was opposed to it, or somewhat opposed to it, or well, it’s kind of confusing. Maybe he’s done evolving on this issue, then again, maybe it will evolve some more after he wins the election.

But this is an important issue, and please indulge me for a minute. This is such an important issue because what I’m concerned about is hearing the President’s view on gay marriage. I’m also interested in hearing that Mitt Romney put his dog on top of his car. I’ll remember that and keep my car windows rolled up so the dog doesn’t stick his head out the window while I’m driving, dogs apparently hate the wind blowing in their face. I have to admit, I never knew that before, but thanks to the self righteous leftist, now I know.

I’m interested in hearing about the Republicans war on women because how dare they expect men and women to pay for their own contraception. I’m interested in hearing about the Republican War on Black people because, well, from what I understand from the left, black people are incapable of being equal to white people. I don’t get it, but for some reason, leftist believe that black people are inferior to white people. Can you believe they even think that requiring identification is discriminatory against minorities? I mean, who in this day and age thinks that a person is too stupid to know how to use an identification because of the color of their skin?

I’m interested in learning about this new breed of people that we can wear hoods and lynch, they are called “White Hispanics”. I’m  not sure exactly what they are, but apparently the New Black Panthers don’t care about black people dying, unless that black person died by the hand of a “White Hispanic”. I have so much to learn.

Like the President, I’m evolving. I am learning so much from this administration. For example, the law is the law and we must obey that law even if it goes against our religious beliefs, unless of course you are Muslim and shoot up Fort Hood, well, we must be “understanding” and tolerant.

But I’m evolving, and I would like to encourage the media to evolve as well. See, four years ago, I wasn’t making a lot of money. Well, I was making a decent amount, but I struggled to make ends meet. I went to work everyday, put too much money into the gas tank, grew a garden, wrote my articles,  and in general, I was happy and content. I wasn’t satisfied with my life, but I was content.

At the end of Obama’s first term, well, I got change. While the President was out golfing, or sticking his nose into Arab Springs, or giving the Queen of England a collection of his speeches, or bowing to the Saudi King… I was worried about paying th electric bill.

While the President was shoving healthcare reform down our throats and while his wife lectured us about our eating habits, I was worried about putting food in my stomach.

While the President was giving us cash for clunkers, telling us to air our tires properly, or telling us to purchase a car that gets better gas mileage, or issuing a moratorium on new drilling, I was trying to figure out how many gallons of gas I could buy, or how long it will last with 20 dollars.

While President Obama gave us an $8,000 dollar tax credit on purchasing a home, and giving millions of dollars away to companies like it was candy at a parade, and sending his wife and daughters on nice expensive vacations, I was to worried about the cost of the roof over my head to stop and think about taking time off for my vacation.

Though I heard the President say several times that he’s going to focus like a laser on the economy, I’m beginning to think the word laser and economy have similar meanings to the President, that it’s all science fiction. His attention on the economy is as fictitious as a laser in a Star Wars movie.

Of course, the media will eventually get to it, right after they get to tell us how awful Mitt Romney’s views on socks with holes in them are, or maybe after they tell us how horrible it is that he uses ‘Just For Men’.

Yeah, I’m evolving. I used to think that Obama could do something right. I used to think the media can be accurate. I used to think there was some honesty there, but I’ve evolved into believing that they are more interested in writing science fiction, then addressing the economy… which is where I am at today, still, four years into Barack Obama’s presidency. Not happy, not content, still struggling. Yeah, I have evolved to, I’m no longer waiting on Obama to fix the economy, in fact, I evolved into giving up.

Give me Mickey Mouse as President, he’d be less fictional than Obama has been. Just give me somebody who knows what he’s doing. In fact, I don’t care if he knows what he’s doing, just don’t give me this guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he insists on fixing everything except the one thing that he was sent to the White House to fix. It’s the economy….. stupid.


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