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November 6, 2007

This is my first post over here – thanks to Jeff for allowing me this platform to share my Louisiana political views. I run several blogs and none that cater to Louisiana politics (come visit Kiss My Gumbo for fun). Below is a letter I got in my in-box that was too good not to share with anyone with a lick of common sense and who needed to lose their appetite. Yes, my husband works for the “evil empire of the Corps.” Now he wear civilian clothes, but for the past 21 years, he was in uniform serving his Country, our great Country! So when I say that I get the “whole big picture” about the Global War on Terror and the mission of the Corps, I do get it more than most. The last 15 years of my life, I have been proud to be affiliated with the “castle and the red” that are associated with the “Essayons” (Corps Motto – French for let us try).

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Go ahead and enjoy the letter and notice the typical left-wing conspiracy propaganda (Halliburton) associated with this. I will excuse myself as I feel sick now! (update – to even make things worse- go see how they brainwashed High School students)

November 6, 2007

Dear President Bush:

The nation was inspired by your speech from Jackson Square on Sept. 15, 2005, when you promised “we will do what it takes . . . we will stay as long as it takes . . . to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives” after Katrina. We wanted to believe you were serious.

Sadly, we have watched for over two years as you and recovery czar Donald Powell have assured us that money is coming. But the funds for rebuilding have been “too little, too late”—just like the U.S. response to the “federal flood” resulting from failure of the federally built levees and floodwalls. (You claim you’ve allocated $116 billion for the Gulf Coast, but at least $75 billion of that was for post-storm relief—much of it going to Halliburton and other friends of the Republican Party. Of the remaining portion, only about 40% has actually been spent. As New Orleans City Council member Shelley Midura wrote to you in August, “the only direct federal assistance this city has received from you has been two community disaster loans that you are demanding be paid back.”)

Now you have vetoed the Water Resources Development Act—the first water projects bill in seven years, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support—on an unbelievable claim of fiscal restraint. Water projects authorization bills are normally passed every two years, but none have been passed since you took office. The $23 billion that WRDA would authorize is burned through every two months in the endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. You have requested $196 billion for those wars in 2008 alone—on top of the $481 billion 2008 allowance for the Pentagon.

Your veto shows you are not serious about Louisiana and the Gulf Coast’s recovery, and you are not serious about the nation’s aging infrastructure. We hope that you only vetoed this bill as a signal of spending restraint for fiscal conservatives in your own party—a pretense that you knew would be overridden because of the strong support in the House and Senate.

We call on all members of Congress to vote again in favor of WRDA, and we urge the White House to wind down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and apply the money squandered there to strengthen America’s infrastructure, port security, schools, and health care system—to rebuild this nation that has withered under your administration.

You have visited New Orleans many times since Katrina. Please don’t come back until WRDA is passed and the Army Corps of Engineers gets the funding it needs to “be all it can be.”

Thank you.


Mark LaFlaur

82-40 Austin Street #6J

Kew Gardens, NY 11415

[ The following letter has been faxed to the White House (202-456-2461). Please see <http://LeveesNotWar.org/ > for a letter faxed to leaders in the House and Senate urging an override of the president’s veto. See our ‘Political Action’ page <http://leveesnotwar.org/LNW_PoliticalAction.aspx > for fax and phone numbers of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. Help us press for a Congressional override of the president’s veto—it would be a first. Thank you. ]



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