All Eyes On Us – Louisiana Senate

November 5, 2014

What a sight for sore eyes. After 6 years of fumbling and bumbling on every foreign policy and national issue by the Obama administration, the people finally had the chance to speak on Senators who haven’t had to face the voters since Obama first won the Presidency. What a shellacking.

Harry Reid, Mary LandrieuBut let’s be realistic here, why were the left wing extremist like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Mary Landrieu able to seize control of Washington to begin with? Because the Bush led GOP tried to steal issues from the Democrat. The voice of the people consistently rejects the extremist ideology that Washington cares more about you than you do. The people reject that the self righteous of Washington loves your children more than the parents do. That Michelle Obama simply does not care more about what a child eats than his parents do. That bureaucrats in DC don’t care about you living nearly as much as you do.

People understand that people with a personal chef simply don’t care about a family’s finances as much as the family whose mother does that cooking. It’s not that people expect Washington to care about what’s good for their family and their self, they simply do not want Washington making life more difficult for them. Washington isn’t where families go to solve their problems, they do it at the table in their home.

marylandrieu worried 2Now their are those among us who wish government make every decision for them. The unmanly man who would rather take free items, unemployment checks, and welfare checks from single women than go out their and work towards a better life.

We have those who benefit in one shape or form from government, whether it’s a free phone, free health care, big government contracts, or even being well connected who will boast about how compassionate government can be. But let’s be honest, it’s not out of the goodness of their heart, but it is their selfishness and their greed with total disregard how it impacts those that truly pay. It’s a far cry from what the icon of the Democrat party once stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

For the vast majority, they pay their taxes because this so called compassionate government demands their money first before the wage earner has a chance to pay anything else. What’s worse, people are expected to feel good when they get refunded their overpayment once a year.

It wasn’t a repudiation of Barack Obama yesterday, nor was it a repudiation of the GOP the years prior to the B.O. presidency. It is a repudiation of government as a solution to problems that people can and ought to solve on their own.

So now we turn our focus on the GOP led congress and what they should do and very clearly, they should put a bill on B.O.’s desk to repeal Obamacare. Certainly Obama would veto such a bill, but here’s the gain, and Cassidy ought to pay attention to this: Democrats now have to make the choice to either break with the President and their party, or double down on Obamacare after seeing last night’s results. If I were Cassidy’s campaign during the Louisiana Senate race, I’d come right out of the gate and ask Mary Landrieu if she will vote with the GOP to repeal Obamacare. A simple yes or no question.

The GOP is primed to take the White House now, but they can add some padding to their control of the senate in 2016, but to do so, they have to put some more pressure on Democrats.

Michael Bennet of Colorado and Ron Wyden of Oregon are the two best bets for GOP. Bbillcassidyennet is a no-brainer considering his colleague Udall just took a beating from his GOP opponent. Wyden on the other hand hails from the Left coast, but Oregon is the more conservative of the three states. Wyden and Oregon has had issues with implementation of Obamacare, and it would be wise to put him on the defensive.

Just North of Wyden is Patty Murray who won her election with 52% of the vote in Washington state who may be thinking twice about how she votes on Obamacare and standing with the President. Harry Reid is not without controversy and after last night’s shellacking for the Democrat party, Reid’s support should be significantly weaker, as it is usually when party leaders get thumped during an election.

Finally there’s Maryland where Barbara Mikulski must run for re-election in a state that the GOP just won a statewide race.

But for this to happen, it all begins today, right now, here in Louisiana Senate race. All eyes are on us and what we do. Either we vote for the status quo, or we vote to not only send a message to Barack Obama, but to an establishment that believes you are too incapable of living your own life. The Louisiana Senate race is not as important as it was yesterday, but make no mistake, the implications are much larger than us.


By Jeff Blanco

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