Failure to VOTE!!!

October 26, 2011

I looked at and watched the elections this past week and when the turn out was told, I was insulted and all whom are registered to vote should be insulted. When our nation was formed, it was not a vote taken by just a few, it was the majority, and the government was to be run in just that fashion where the MAJORITY ruled. Now it has turned an ugly way to where the Minority,i.e., that is not the minority groups, but the minority of voters, that have now become the “RULING CLASS”! Some may ask what is wrong with that and again I would be insulted because once again the very principle of our nation has been infringed by the very groups that do not want true “FREEDOM” but a “FREEDOM” where the few control the many, an “ELITE CLASS” if you wish to call it. I am very sorry, but if the voice of the people is held by the few, then only the “ELITE” will hold office. This by itself is a slap in the face to the people of Louisiana and the nation!
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Imagine if you will, a group that knows in an off election they can place a known COMMUNIST in power then builds upon his ideals and base. Think it could not happen, all one has to do here is to take a REAL look at the Wall Street Protests to find out this IS what has happened! Yes, the people that get up and look out their window and complain yet do not make it to the poll to vote actually have no RIGHT to complain because they have no TRUE voice in the outcome! In the election that was held recently in Louisiana only about 35 percent of the people made decisions that the other 65 percent now have to live with. Now consider the very idea that a COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, MARXIST, NAZI, FACIST, or any other “ANTI-UNITED STATES FREEDOM” group decided to run their person in there for the office knowing that their 35 percent would show up at the poles and vote the way they are TOLD to vote, is that TRUE FREEDOM? No that is as close to dictatorship as this nation has ever gone!

Let us now compare our fledging nation, I use that word because if we as a people and beginning here in Louisiana, do not get, out and VOTE, it will be the last part of true freedom our children will see, just take a look at Libya just this past week where the people there went to the poles for the first time “FREELY” and voted with 90 percent of the people! Why is it that a free people just don’t care after a short while of what they are allowed to do, VOTE? Is this because they just don’t have enough time in the day? NO! Time is not important here because one can vote before an election at their leisure, so time should NOT be a problem when it comes to voting. It is my firm belief that our children have been led astray and just do not care who wins as long as they keep getting paid for the jobs they are doing and make money. But that is NOT what voting is all about.

To Vote is an honor so this means that 65 percent of the people here in Louisiana are not honorable? I really don’t think so, it is my firm belief that the people that have the right to vote are just too caught up in their own lives and are going to “LET GEORGE DO IT.” To these people I can safely say that George does not favor the FREEDOM we love so dearly, George is not really George, he is the devil himself and he is knocking at the door of Freedom and Patriotism. You see if that is your feeling then you do not wish to keep your freedom. Thomas Jefferson stated, “ The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” (1743-1826). This is now happening where the government is beginning to control all facets of our lives, but when only 35 percent of registered voters go to the polls, those in power know who those voters are and “CONTROL” their ideas and feelings through threats and very wrong ideas.

Yet another great voice from World War 2 made a statement that reverberates with the current theme of minority voting, i.e., once again, this does not reflect upon Minority people, just the number of those voting, Edward R. Murrow, a real reporter and not one of these fakes we see all over the government controlled media now stated, “We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home”, nothing, I repeat, nothing could be more true of what has happened in the turn out of “alleged” voters this past week. We as a people in the State of Louisiana have deserted our State and home by NOT going out and voting in the 90-percentile rate. It is up to us, those who truly wish to keep and maintain freedom to ensure that people go out and vote. In the past week, our State, Louisiana has failed to uphold its own laws and Constitution and allowed the few to control the many. There is no excuse for NOT voting other then being too lazy to wake up and go to the polls.

Yet another Great man, Noah Webster stated, “Wherever public spirit prevails, liberty is secure.” Our liberty is NOT secure my friends and it is due to the fact that the 65 percent that failed to vote have allowed the ugly spirit of tyranny raise its ugly head in the form of continued politics as usual in not just Louisiana, but the entire nation! When 35 percent of the people control what laws can and will be made, and what judges and councilmen and women take their seats at the forefront of freedom, it may well allow those with thoughts of destroying our State, our nation to move to the forefront of political power. This is clearly shown by a recent article in the Socialist Democratic Party paper where some 70 people in the United States House of Representatives now sit proudly stating they are Members of a “SOCIALIST” party within the Democratic party, with names as familiar as but not limited to; Representatives, Maxine Waters and Henry Waxman both from California, Ed Markey, and Barney Frank, from Massachuttes, Jesse Jackson, Jr. from Illinois, John Conyers from Michigan, just to mention some of the top names of proud and boasting people that ARE SOCIALISTS working to form our government and some of them sit on committees that govern our economics, jobs, and laws! How can our nation, one founded upon values that are VERY contrary to Socialists way of thinking even allow this to happen? It comes from the lack of VOTER participation where the people who register to vote do not go out and vote in the local and State elections where the grass roots of our nation is formed!

If we as a people, from the local level on up to the national level do not get out and vote, we have no right to complain nor to have a say in anything the Communists and Socialists wish to do to our state and nation. I have heard of what is called the Agenda 21 plan by the United nations I think and from what I have heard it depends upon what happened last week, low voter turn out so they can continue to attempt to not just weaken our entire nation, but to destroy the very freedom we love so very much! Now if that does not bother you, then continue to stay at home on any election day and allow those you do not like to keep their office, but do not complain when you wake up one day to find out that because you did not VOTE, we no longer have the FREEDOMS we once had!!!

By Leon Puissegur

Independent Booksellers Happy over Failure of Barnes and Noble Deal.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News June 8, 1999 | Starr, William W.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Jun. 9 — The decision by Barnes and Noble to abandon its proposed $600 million acquisition of Ingram, the country’s largest book distributor, is “a victory for independent bookstores and readers everywhere.” That’s the way Rhett Jackson, long-time owner of The Happy Bookseller in Columbia, sums up the reaction by independent bookstore owners around the country who vigorously protested the purchase.

“It raised some really serious fears that Barnes and Noble could have delayed the delivery of important books to independent stores, and that could have put a lot of us out of business,” Jackson said.

Barnes and Noble announced it was backing off the deal last week following press reports that the Federal Trade Commission staff would recommend that it not be approved because it violates U.S. antitrust law. this web site barnes and noble coupon code

Jackson, former president of the American Booksellers Association, the nation’s largest organization of independent bookstores, said the group had strongly urged rejection of the acquisition and had the support of many customers. He said he had been pleased because he had been contacted by the FTC and given an opportunity to discuss the possible damaging effects of the purchase. here barnes and noble coupon code

Susan Davis, who owns Chapter Two, an independent bookstore in Charleston, said the FTC action “restores my faith in the government.

Yes, I’m very happy with the outcome.” Independent bookstores and Barnes and Noble, the largest of the nation’s chain book retailers, have been at odds over several issues in recent years, some having to do with book distribution.

Ingram, a book wholesaler based in Nashville, distributes books to chain stores and independents throughout the country. Independents worried that once acquired by Barnes and Noble, Ingram’s shipments could be slowed, placing them at a competitive disadvantage.

Richard Howorth, owner of Square Books in Oxford, Ms., and current president of the ABA, praised the “grassroots efforts” by independent booksellers who helped assemble petitions bearing the names of 125,000 customers protesting the purchase.

“One’s faith in the role of government in economic matters must hereby be validated,” Howorth said.

“I will never view cynically the ability orf ordinary citizens to alert political representatives of things they believe matter to them and our country.” Barnes and Noble officials expressed regret that “emotion” entered into “an open and shut issue of business” and said they may consider building their own distribution centers.

Starr, William W.

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