Fallout from Aurora

July 20, 2012

by Mark Parham

Just hours after the murderous rampage in Aurora, Co., yes it was tragic but murderous all the same, the morning news shows were quick to “act stupidly”. Brian Ross with ABC News was the first to make the accusation that the alleged shooter was a Tea Party member only to be retracted later in the day. We saw the same haphazard “journalism” immediately following the Gabby Gifford shooting in Arizona. Does that undo Ross’s idiotic assumptions without verifying his facts? The damage was done and the stigma was firmly implanted in the public’s mind. There is no EASY button to hit and remove exactly what ABC hoped for.

I’m not one to put much faith in conspiracies since most of the dots can be connected in almost everything we have witnessed from this adminstration. Considering the up-coming UN vote on the Small Arms Treaty next week, it didn’t take long for the bloody Brit Piers Morgan, who went from a judge on AGT to a no talent position with CNN, to tweet out for more gun control in America.

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan

1.Horrendous details from this Colorado cinema shooting. America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time. 2.More Americans will buy guns after this, to defend themselves, and so the dangerous spiral descends. When/how does it stop? 3. Lunatics like this will always try and get guns. It should be 100,000 times harder than it is for them to do so. That’s my point. .

Piers, you should have stuck to talent shows where your opinion was easy to turn off. What really peeked my interest to write this article came after reading the news release early this morning from the KPLCTV FaceBook Page. What started out as normal comments by the usual clan soon turned to gun control. With over 220 comments, which I take as a decent polling of Southwest Louisiana’s feelings toward firearms, the consensus I found is overwhelming in favor of gun ownership by nearly 90%. I’d like to share just a few with you and the rest can be read here.

A sampling of those FOR gun ownership: typos are that of commenter

:Burglar alarms alert you and the police. I’m not waiting for the police to show up while sombody comes to kill me. Tasers might knock a guy down but he can get back up, and I’ve seen people on drugs be tazed, somtimes nothing happens. Dogs stand no chance against a loaded gun. So yes I do agree that you need a gun if there are bears around, but also if there are bad people with guns around. I do agree that guns are dangerous but only in unskilled or immoral hands. Guns are perfectly safe if you know how to use them and your intentions are good.

: Gun control laws are not going to keep criminals, killers, and psychopaths from acquiring guns. The type of gun control that is being alluded to here prevents citizens who would purchase and register their guns legally from acquiring them. Instead of this argument about how a gun busted through the back of a theater all on its on and committed this atrocity lets speak of our sympathies toward those that lost their lives to James Holmes.

GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE , people kill people! NO GUNS?! Won’t solve anything, there would be something else to replace it, or more ppl would be making them! It’s not the GUNS Fault! It’s the evil person that has it in their hands, that uses them for the WRONG reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: Don’t blame the guns, blame the physcopath that has murder in his mind. Guns are not the blame, they are inadament objects, a gun will not fire unless picked up and fired. How about not playing the blame game and instead pray for the families who have been devestated by this cowards actions.

: You can’t blame that on guns. A gun is merely a machine, built to function. How you use it is your own choice. If some lunatic went on a crazed ceiling fan killing spree, would you be trying to promote anti-ceiling fan propaganda? It’s not the item’s fault how it is used.

Well one thing is for sure at least if I have a gun I have a fighting chance. I think I like my odds with a gun than without!

We live in a crazy world with crazy people. Don’t blame it on the weapon used,blame it on the person who used it. Anything can be taken and used the wrong way if the wrong person has it.

:  Telling you some people just can’t be helped. Crazy people. Take away guns. Whatever….that’s when we would all go mad. Glad I was raised in the country and my Dad taught me to respect guns and how to use them . I will protect my family. My parents also taught me prayer works.

: Ha! Banning guns to law abiding citizens is NOT the answer! It is not the guns, it is the one who uses it. If this man had no care for killing, he wouldn’t had any second thoughts of getting a gun no matter what.

Those for Gun Control:

: it has nothing to do with morals… guns are DANGEROUS… there are plenty of other ways one can protect their homes… burglar alarms, tasers, dogs etc. etc. you dont need a gun unless there are bears around:-)

: its not necessary the WORLD that is getting crazier its US society with its MILLIONS of guns and the idea that VIOLENCE is a SOLUTION (two wars) .. the LACK of mental health care … and, and, and…. but FIRST the guns have to GO…

– I know it would be a logistic nightmare… but, until then it will be a long way anyway… people have to be ready and sick and tired of the damage guns do to their lives first… these tragedies are also VERY expensive… gun related injuries eat up a lot of taxpayer money.. I have been talking like this for many years and may not live to see any change… but maybe some day:-))

My personal stance on gun control:  ALWAYS USE BOTH HANDS WHEN POSSIBLE!!!







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