Farewell My Friend (Brian Cowdrey)

November 8, 2011

I have a saying that I try to keep in mind: “Treat people right, it will make it easier to deal with when they are gone.” Even though I don’t always live up to my own expectations, I do try. Brian Cowdrey exceeded expectations of what it means to be a man. Though the political world has kept me busy with many things and there has been no shortage of things to write about, I could not tap away at the keyboard until I first said a few things about my friend SSG Brian Cowdrey who passed away in Afghanistan. Brian isn’t a hero in my book because he died for his country, that’s not what makes a hero. Brian Cowdrey is a hero because he served his fellow man.

We have the supposed “99%” fighting for “us” and we have guys like Brian fighting for us. I look at that supposed 99%, people who are more interested in what they can take from somebody simply because somebody else has more than they do, and I think of Brian Cowdrey, a man who had a great family, who gave, who risked his life, and who eventually lost his life in serving his fellow man. Brian was a rare breed, and I’d much rather have one Brian Cowdrey as a friend and ally than 99,000 of the other guys who stayed at home.

Brian’s entry into the gates of heaven gives us one more reason to turn to Jesus… because one day in heaven with SSG Brian Cowdrey is much better than spending eternity in hell with the pricks of Westboro Baptist Church. If the Reverend Phelps knew his Bible, he’d know that God hates the sin, not the sinner, and most certainly God would not focus his wrath on the good people of this earth while sparing the evil doers. The Westboro Baptist wanted to use Brian’s Memorial, not as a day to remember him, but to trample the meaning of his life with their own sick and perverted sense of Christianity.

It’s funny, I used to despise the Westboro Baptist Church, but now that they wanted to protest the funeral of somebody I actually knew, I actually feel sorry for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty of things I’d like to say to them, but most of those words are unfit for the pages of Louisiana Conservative. In fact, I might be so bold to say, I wouldn’t mind taking Reverend Phelps out for a talk into a nice dark alleyway where we could converse. I could talk about how my hands hurt, and he can talk about what dirt tastes like. But, Reverend Phelps is right about one thing, Brian did die for Reverend Phelps’ right to protest. One huge difference between Brian and Phelps; Phelps prays and gives for the death of more, while Brian prayed and gave for more life.

The Patriot Guard showed up to Brian’s memorial and his hometown showed their pride. I’ve really got nothing much more to say about Brian that hasn’t already been said by many other people. I’d encourage our readers to read up on SSG Robert “Brian” Cowdrey. There are a lot of great articles on him. The following videos were uploaded by his children, with the exception of Lazy Eye by the Silversun Pickups. That song just happens to be the last song we discussed, and I hope I didn’t make his wife too mad at me over. Rest In Peace my friend, you were a much better man than I’ll ever be.


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