Fibromyalgia symptoms

August 2, 2011

Are you feeling pains differently from before? Are you looking for answers but don’t know who or what to trust? symptoms of fibromyalgia Perhaps you have stumbled upon a list of symptoms that seems to go on and on. A fibromyalgia symptoms list can be extensive, but there are key factors to be aware of if you are self diagnosing.

Fibromyalgia is known as a non-inflammatory condition that sometimes leads people to feel as if they may have a more serious disease. The condition is affecting a growing number of the U.S. population. When perusing through a fibromyalgia symptoms list be sure to note that some symptoms may occur as a result of other conditions. For example, continuous widespread pain can affect sleep and therefore create fatigue and tiredness. The fatigue and tiredness may not actually be a fibromyalgia symptom but simply the result of an increase in pain.

Another factor to consider, with muscle and joint stiffness comes a decreased motivation to move or exercise. Therefore, a person suffering from fibromyalgia may discover increased weight gain and reduced flexibility; neither of which are necessarily symptoms of fibromyalgia, but a by-product.

What a Fibromyalgia Symptoms List doesn’t tell you

Since a fibromyalgia symptoms list is written to provide an exhaustive set of possible symptoms. symptoms of fibromyalgia in women The list is a compilation of what many others have described to their primary care physician before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. What it doesn’t tell you is that the condition varies with the individual. Many symptoms are treatable, but there doesn’t exist today a one-stop drug to resolve the condition.

A fibromyalgia symptoms list also does not share the many tips available to reduce the affects of fibromyalgia without seeing a doctor. For example, caffeine has been found to increase the affects of certain symptoms. Simply dropping caffeine from your diet may reduce the severity of some symptoms. Similarly, looking for low impact exercise option in order to keep the body moving has been shown to decrease stiffness and increase the quality of sleep.

What also may not be overtly stated are mental factors, such as depression. Although sometimes found on a fibromyalgia symptoms list, these symptoms should be carefully attended to by a physician. A doctor should manage this type of symptom and prescriptions are available to treat depression or low spirits. Careful consideration should be taken though, as many drugs can interact with various other symptoms. Be sure to tell your physician all the symptoms you have, even if you don’t think they relate.

What can be learned from a fibromyalgia symptoms list?

Knowledge is power, and often the power we need to make changes. fibromyalgia symptoms list If you are staring down a fibromyalgia symptoms list, and begin to feel overwhelmed because you have more than 3 to 5 of the symptoms listed, remind yourself you are on a journey. Most will not take the time to even read an article such as this, but you have a winning attitude. As with nearly anything your attitude will make all the difference in learning and managing your own life.

Description: A fibromyalgia symptoms list provides knowledge and insight into a less-known condition that is affecting a growing number of the U.S. population. Reading the list one must be aware that not all symptoms on the list are necessarily part of the condition itself. Some symptoms may be a result of other symptoms. There are items not on the list you should be very aware of, as well as others you should pay careful attention too.

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