FINALLY a Debt Deal

August 1, 2011

You are entering a no-Tea Party Scum Zone, “Mandate from America” or not.

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Finally, we have struck a deal. As I write this some of the details are still cloudy and I’m sure everyone on every side of the aisle will find something to gripe about. However, the point is, we got a deal done. Point is, our country is not destined for collapse in a few days. “Oh that’s just Democrat scare tactics”, the Rebels said. Indeed. I guess the Mandate from America slipped out of their mailboxes.

I guess the Democrats just scared the DOW to drop hundreds of points in the last week, right? I guess Timothy Geithner spending all that time developing backup plans for when our Economy would crash was just Democrat’s scaring old people, right?

So what about the Tea Baggers and their Mandate from America, stating quite plainly that the Republican Party sucks and to not vote for them makes you a Socialist anti-American? Is that not scare tactics? How about the slander and blackmail through the election cycle last year, was that not scare tactics either?

They did everything in their power to shut down John Boehner and the Republican Establishment – you know, that Godawful thing that Reagan built. You know, Ronald Reagan, they guy whose image they hide behind while the Tea Scum Caucus works tirelessly to contradict and undermine his policies and the Party that he built. Fact is, Ronald Reagan could not capture the Republican nomination this election cycle if he was reincarnated and ran for President. Like myself, Reagan would also be branded a Hopeless Moderate, and a Closet Democrat.

To me, John Boehner is a hero. This man has laid it all down to find a way to make a deal. Sure, the Tea Baggers bucked him and are now actively calling for his resignation. Sure, Rand Paul thinks he’s something special by downtalking John Boehner (and John McCain) at every turn. But fact is, this man is the top Republican in the country. He is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and deserves loyalty. You want him gone? Do it in a private, orderly fashion. Don’t make asses out of yourself and the rest of the party by jumping and screaming and employing melodramatics on Fox News, like going to a chapel to “pray for leadership“. Churches normally don’t keep copies of the Mandate from America. The power of the Tea Party was in full force, when a whopping fifteen people attended their little rally to bash the GOP. I guess the Mandate from America doesn’t require ridiculous rallying against real Americans.

You Tea Partyists are not Republican – but thing is, the only time you rebels ever claim to be Republican is on Fundraiser Day and Election Day. I despise the Tea Party; any integrity that the movement once had has long been lost. Glad to see how important the Default Crisis was to Queen Teabagger herself, the Dishonorable Michelle Bachmann; she took off for Iowa this weekend to further humiliate herself with idiotic statements. I guess the Mandate from America told her to go campaign on the verge of economic disaster.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so aggravated right now; after all, the two real political parties met in the middle in a Bipartisan arrangement for the betterment of the Economy and the people. I think the 12-man-committee idea is absolutely brilliant. In case you aren’t aware, the meager $1 trillion of cuts is just the beginning; they are going to take six Democrat’s and six Republican’s and place them on a panel to solve our deficit issue. If they fail to cooperate and settle on a further measure to fix our problem two seperate cuts trigger at once as punishment: Defense cuts for the Republicans, and Medicare cuts for the Democrats. The great thing is, neither are exclusively partisan affairs. Defense cuts will bother Hawk’s in both parties and Medicare cuts will bother everyone who believes in the program.

My mood is fouled because of specific parts of the negative feedback I receive. Apparently, I’m a 19-year-old clueless kid who needs to “do his research” and only knows about Reaganomics what I’ve read in the newspaper. Thing is this: if you do not respect me or my opinion, don’t read my articles, don’t add me to Facebook, don’t pretend to be friends with me. I am always open to respectful, dignified debate and disagreement, but the personal belittlements made because of my age are highly unnecessary. Nothing is forcing you to read my articles, we don’t have a Totalitarian Government (and never will, unless the Tea Party takes over).

My opinion of the Tea Scum has come from my firsthand experience dealing with them, not from something I saw on liberal television or read in the newspaper. They never want to be bunched in with Republicans until the donations come in; then they pin the big red ‘R’ to their chests and cut to the front of the line. The Republican Party is a dying thing that must be swept clean of all who do not defect to their movement and reformed entirely, so they say. To the Tea Party, I am the political enemy. I am the moderate, Establishment Republican that must’ve missed the Mandate from America. I am aware that not all Tea Partyists are like this; some of you are decent people and just don’t get it. The vast majority of Tea Partyists are absolutists and insist upon getting their way 100% of the time because they have a Mandate from America. Get real. Better 8 years of Obama Presidency than 8 months of Tea Party anything.


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