FOIA (Open Records) Hits Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office And Things We Learned So Far

March 5, 2012

Mary Olive Pierson is slick. So slick, in fact, we’re going to start calling her Oyl. I mean think about this, she discredits a decorated Veteran law enforcement officer because he’s “just a police officer”, as if lawyers (which Oyl is one) are regarded in the highest esteem of honesty.  So, let’s talk about some things we have learned. First of all, there are lawsuits, just as Oyl promised us back when this first broke in 2008 and there was an investigation, except…. the investigation is on Kip, Oyl dropped her investigation, and Jeanie Louque still hasn’t filed her slander lawsuit. Darrell Glasper has. Scott Wilfong was found innocent of his ethics charges and has his own lawsuit going against the ethics board, and there is an investigation going on. Hello Keystone presscorp, Baton Rouge media?

But there are some deeper things to know. How do you know Kip loves you? Does he send you flowers? Chocolate? Diamonds? Nope, he’ll send you a lawn mower. I assume this is an invitation to come to his house so you could mow his lawn. Fair warning to you married men out there,  if you suddenly find a new lawn mower in the garage, our mayor just might have his eyes on a woman in your home. Remember, nothing says I love you like a John Deere.

Now Mary Oyl, that’s “Funny.” Except, I get a feeling you won’t think so.

Now that the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office has “closed the investigation”, it seems that all of those files are now a matter of public record, and are considered subject to Open Records under FOIA. This just keeps getting more interesting.



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