For Democrats, Desperation Beginning To Wear

January 28, 2010

There have been a couple of things happen that has recently that has allowed Democrats to cling to some semblance of hope and change, but a closer look reveals that Democrats are desperately grasping at anything. Cases in point, “Louisiana Water-gate” and the President’s State of the Union address.

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Louisiana Democrats have perhaps more disarray than their party counterparts around the nation. With the arrest of O’Keefe in New Orleans, Democrat party chairman quickly attempted to capitalize on it by tagging it “Louisiana Water-gate”. I, as a registered Republican, was more than happy to see former party Chairman Chris Whittington continue to lead the Democrat party. He has been as out of touch with the core Louisiana Democrat voter as anybody and would lead the Democrat party attacks to inadvertently attack a large part of Louisiana society.

I suppose it should be a praise on Chris Whittington here, but I don’t think even he would have been dumb enough to tag this “Louisiana water-gate”. What Democrats in Louisiana should do is tap this guy to do some thinking for them. I mean, going around calling people “teabaggers” was childish and stupid, what was coming out of the Democrats mouth was that they were the “Teabagged”. How stupid was that? But this guy, in arguing for the Democrats actually did some thinking on his own and gave this incident an original term “Tea buggers”. Finally, a Democrat who would dare think on his own. I applaud your efforts sir, too bad you’re in a party that tends to reward absolute loyalty.

If Whittington and McHale weren’t bad enough, guess who Democrats are leaning towards in tapping as their party chairman in Louisiana? Buddy Leach. Yes, that Buddy Leach. The Buddy Leach who in 1979 saw 23 individuals plead guilty of vote buying on Buddy Leach’s behalf, and another 2 people were convicted on similar charges, and Leach had bribery charges filed against him but was acquited. Now he wants to lead the Democrat party? As a Republican, I was very sad to see Chris Whittington leave the position, but Democrats are really stretched thin if they need Buddy Leach as their party leader. As you can tell, I support Buddy Leach to become the next Chairman of the Louisiana Democrat party. I guess that’s my endorsement.

In “Louisiana Water-gate”, or a more apt term “The Tea Bugger Scandal”, Democrats are overly excited to capitalize and to use this act of four individuals to what could be considered slander of other individuals. Democrats, without knowing all the facts, are willing to crucify four individuals and presume their guilt. The problem is, the example they are setting. Keep in mind, they are presuming the guilt of these four individuals while insisting that we presume the innocence of terrorist in Gitmo and Nadil Malik Hasan. They are over reaching over at Media Matters. This is what’s important over at Media Matters, to slam 31 Republicans for signing a resolution that honored James O’Keefe long before O’Keefe was arrested. To slam these four as “Breitbart’s Crew“, despite knowing whether or not Andrew Breitbart had anything to do with it, and no where was Andrew Breitbart mentioned in any of the news stories. It’s not James O’Keefe going down that the Democrats are celebrating, it’s desperation to attach anybody else they can to the story… and they don’t even know the facts. Oyster over at Your Right Hand Thief, to his credit, has it right, it’s only speculation. We don’t know the facts and we can only assume things, those four could have been “acting alone”, they could have been working with somebody, there could have been any number of things that would could have been. I also find it hard to believe that a son of a U.S. attorney would know so little about the law.

It was also known that James O’Keefe was in New Orleans, and it’s quite possible that he wasn’t doing anything illegal or unethical, and the minute he walked into Landrieu’s office Letten’s office was called. We don’t know the facts, and if anybody was working with them, then they would also have had legal guidance. He could have had this equipment and done nothing wrong or unethical.

But if he did intend to tap the phone lines, then it was a very stupid action on his part. First of all, Mary Landrieu is already on the ropes, first she practically spit into the faces of her constituents by voting the health care bill through, but Democrats supportive of the health care bill must take into consideration that both Landrieu and Senator Nelson delayed the vote on health care out of greed, causing the Democrats to simply run out of time. Landrieu’s support is already waning, and this probably won’t absolve Mary Landrieu, but it helps her. Second of all, he was here to give a speech on behalf of the Pelican Institute and doing a “project” while he was in town to give a speech doesn’t bode well for the Pelican Institute. If you’re in town to give a speech, give your speech and get out. It’s that simple, don’t embarrass the organization in the process.

Third, you have a son of an attorney, and though being a son of an attorney doesn’t qualify you as an attorney, one would think the guy would know something about the law. Yes, children do things that embarrass their parents, and yes, you are judge for your own actions and the acting U.S. Attorney shouldn’t be held accountable for what his son did.

Unfortunately for Democrats, this is their big issue, “Louisiana Water Gate”. That’s what they got.

And in the President’s State of the Union Address… that long, bloviated, piece of confusing self righteous holier-than-everybody-in-the-room speech. A summary of his speech, Bush spent too much money, we had to spend a lot of money, we will spend even more money, we will forgive people’s debt, we will balance the budget, we won’t raise your taxes, and we will not spend a lot of money. On health care, people are stupid and I should have known that and kept explaining what the bill is instead of hiding it. But nothing in that speech was as memorable as when he chastised the Supreme Court for overturning McCain Fiengold, a piece of legislation that John McCain tried to abide by, and despite crying about money being involved in politics, Obama proudly raised more money than any politician in history.

Attacked the Supreme Court? Are you kidding me? It’s one thing to attack Republicans, it’s quite another to attack other people. He attacked the people, in short, by suggesting that they were too stupid to understand complex issues

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