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March 30, 2008

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”– Samuel Adams

I make it no secret of my loathing of our Presidential candidate John McCain. It seems to me that I’d rather Hillary Clinton be President over John McCain since she’ll be better for conservative causes than a guy on the Right who pushes our party further to the left. That does not mean that you won’t see pro John McCain posts on Louisiana Conservative, the writers of this site have free will to write as they see fit and that means we don’t necessarily agree with each other, it means I can barely stomach a McCain presidency.

But this election our next President most assuredly is going to grow government as much as ever and a self serving morally superior congress now in place, it becomes perhaps the most important election cycle of our lifetime.  Freedom will not last if we continue to expect government to solve every one of our problems. I know you hear this every election cycle, each election is the most important but the most important election will always be the current one.

I’m not going to tell you how important the war on terrorism is, in fact, when our Congress and our President is unwilling to secure our borders, how serious are they about the war on terror? I know what I look like, I’ve been mistaken as being Arabic, and if you put a turbin on my head, tied a bomb around my stomach, and put me out on the street yelling ‘Allah Akbar’, somebody is going to shoot me, and quite frankly they ought to. But if it’s that easy for me to look like a Muslim terrorist, how easy is it for a Muslim terrorist to look like an illegal immigrant. All they need to do is put a sombrero on their head, put a pancho over their shoulders, learn to say ‘Donde estan Estados Unidos’ and poof, you have an illegal immigrant.

We know that these three candidates will look the other way while… no, not just look the other way… but ask you to make dangerous concessions all in the name of compassion and reaching out. How can they tell me how serious the war on the war on terrorism is, when they won’t take it anymore serious than they do?

I don’t believe for a second that any of the three candidates will get us out of Iraq, why should they? Judging on how the left stayed silent during our bombing of Iraq under the Clinton presidency, how silently they stood as, in their words, innocent women and children bleed for oil, and how they are on just about every issue, there is very little reason to believe they’d stand up and demand a President Obama or Clinton get us out of Iraq.

The Left have proven time and time again that they really don’t believe in anything other than that ‘Republicans are bad’. They screamed like little five year olds over Sinator Vitter’s proclivity for women whose legs open for business, but had absolutely no problem with Barney Franks having sexual affairs with male prostitutes in the congressional gym. In fact, Baton Rouge Democrat congressional candidate Don Cazayoux happily took money from Barney Franks… $2,000 to be exact. Hopefully it is for political purposes, our state certainly doesn’t need another stain… er black eye.

The Democrats repeatedly admonished the Bush administration for not doing anything about the rapidly rising gas prices, but stood in the way of every solution, every single time, would not allow for drilling in Alaska to protect the precious little deer (Caribou), wouldn’t allow for drilling off the gulf coast, and consistently protest about a war for ‘Oil’. Still they scream the loudest about how rising gas prices are affecting the poor. But if rising gas prices is hurting, in fact destroying the economy, than John Dingle’s proposal to raise the gas tax by 50 cents a gallon can only be described forcing poverty on the middle class and starving the poor out of existence. It seems to me the Democrats are for the poor so much so that they think everybody ought to be poor so they can fight for everyone.

But John Dingle can not complete his assault on the American economy, he can not complete this self evident goal of forcing poverty on the American public without help, and who did John Dingle reach out to for help? Baton Rouge Congressional candidate Don Cazayoux, giving him $2,000 for his campaign.

Folks, I agree at some point we need to stand up for our values, our freedom, the United States Constitution within our own party, and I agree that John McCain is over the line, but the answer can not be to sit around watching the news, complaining about what’s happening, the solution is to rise up out of your seats, get out and vote. Regardless of who the President is, we can still stop them from by giving them a congress that’s willing to stand up for America for once, at least, once in a while, rather than continue to give these folks a pass as they assault us with their cruel and unjust bills, leaving America ripe for a depression, and our doors open for antagonist.

It’s not your duty to vote for John McCain, it is your duty to stand up for freedom. Get up, get out, go vote.

Swim team pools support for area breast care center.(Neighbor)

Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) April 4, 2011 Byline: Daily Herald report Inspired by one swimmer’s mom, the Lake Forest High School varsity swim team raised more than $1,500 for the Posy Krehbiel Breast Care Center at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, officials announced.

The girls were moved by teammate and co-captain Valerie Heidbreder’s mom, Gail, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and then treated at NLFH.

“When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my sister and I were inspired to help in any way we could,” Valerie Heidbreder said in a news release. “It was great to bring the whole team into the cause, and it meant a lot to work together to raise money and awareness to fight an illness that affects so many people.” During their two-month season, the team sold special T-shirts and swim caps to fans and visiting teams at each of their home swim meets. They also wore their items to meets and practice to promote the cause. here swim caps swim caps

In total, they sold more than 150 pink swim caps and 200 pink and white T-shirts, which featured the breast cancer ribbon and inspirational phrases “Swimming for the Cure,” “Make a Splash for the Cure” and “Swimmer Support.” “Everyone came together. The coach, the team and competing schools were extremely supportive,” Gail Heidbreder said. “I was helped by so many wonderful people at the center, and it meant so much that the team could help me give back to them.” The team presented a check to the Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital’s Posy Krehbiel Breast Care Center, which will direct the money toward educational initiatives for future patients, hospital officials said in the release.

“It means a lot to the hospital that we earn the support of the community, and it’s great to see it come from such a young group,” said Jennifer Tepper, nurse navigator at the Posy Krehbiel Breast Care Center. “When the community gives back, it shows us that they have faith in our services. That is a very rewarding feeling.”

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