Freedom, an Illusion or is it real?

July 13, 2011

Wow! I guess you are wondering just what I am doing. Let me assure you, I am not on any drugs that would cause me to be delusional. I am asking a question that needs to be answered about our nation today under the Obama administration which has brought us the feel ups at the airports and the X-Ray machines to ensure that we the Honest citizen are not boarding a plane with a bomb. Now just how does this relate to our freedom? Let us look at just a couple of definitions of Freedom before we get into the violation of our freedoms by this Administration with all their “new” regulations.

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Freedom is defined in many ways such as the first 4 ways below which show what freedom can be defined as.
the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint:

This first one applies to the airport “security” which places the traveler under a “restraint by forcing all to undergo a search without a warrant, a direct violation of the 4th Amendment, but the sheeple do as they are told and go through the feel up or X-Ray machines to “prove” they have no weapons or bombs. Why should we as citizens have to submit our Freedom to this when it is rather clear that those who wish us harm have weird spelled names and are of a Muslim faith, why not just single these people out and allow the United States Citizen whom only wishes to go to another city of our nation alone?
exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.

This second definition holds up the very real “external Control” by the TSA since the Obama Administration has come into office. Under the Obama Administration we have come under “External Control, Interference, regulation, etc.” The Obama Administration has placed the United States Citizen under all these confinements just so they would NOT offend the Muslims! I say if the Muslims feel offended by pat downs and whatever we do, then they also have the right to leave this country at any time they wish. If they don’t like to be profiled, then they had better abide by the laws of these great United States or go back to where they came from and if they don’t like the way our Constitution is written, they can leave this nation and go to a Muslim nation where they can do what they have to under Sharia law!
the power to determine action without restraint.

Number 3 is a good one since it shows that we do not have the power to determine action without restraint since we HAVE to submit to either an X-Ray or a feel up or we cannot board a plane here in our own nation! Why should a United States Citizen who has no intention to do any harm to himself or others undergo a FORCED X-Ray or pat down, better known as a feel up? Why not give the average Citizen a few days before the flight to show he does not want or have any intentions to do harm to anyone? This would speed up the process and allow Honest Citizens to go where they want to go without the infringement of their freedom.
political or national independence.

Number 4 shows that we should be “FREE” to have our political or national independence. Here may be the only definition that has not been infringed upon yet. But one must wonder the way that the Obama Administration is if they will make it a simple crime to be an Independent or Republican, some news sources already have called the republican party killers and other names because the Republicans did not do what the other party wanted.

We as a people love our Freedom, but we have “allowed” the government in the past 3 years to take parts of our “freedom” away just so we could be secure. In giving up our Freedom just for the sake of being secure, we actually lose both. Our nation was built upon the very idea of being FREE. Why should we now decide that our Freedom does not matter because we are scared of some nut blowing up the plane we ride on? Should we ever give up our FREEDOM just to be secure?

Just how can we be FREE when we have to give up that FREEDOM for some security? Have we as a nation fallen into a trap set up by our enemies? I believe that we have, our “Freedom” is now just an illusion mainly because we are NOT free to move about our own nation at will. We must first submit our Freedom to the Tsa and their X-Ray machines or their feel ups. We have to give up our Freedom to be secure when we fly around our own nation! This is not Freedom, it is almost like being a prisoner within our own nation. We either have to submit to what the TSA says or we cannot fly to other cities within our very nation! Freedom is an illusion here and we just have not or do not care about it. We as a people have given up our Freedom for what some say is to be secure when we fly across our nation. Why does the normal United States Citizen have to be treated like a criminal with X-Ray machines or feel ups? Just for the sake of being secure? Why not target those that wish our nation harm? If they get offended because we have “Profiled” them, then they can leave this nation and go to one where they don’t have to be singled out.

If a person with a name that looks like the alphabet comes into the line pull him on the side and question him, don’t pull the children and old people out the line, chances are they would never harm anyone on a plane. Think about this, since the Obama Administration has implemented these X-Rays and feel ups, none of the United States Citizens have been found to be carrying a bomb or anything that would cause harm. Why is it not a mystery that the person that was head of one of the security divisions now owns almost all the X-ray machines?

FREEDOM, it is now almost an illusion that is hiding in the shadows waiting to come out again, but Freedom is being held hostage by the enemies of our nation and we live the illusion of FREEDOM and many of us just don’t see where we have lost anything. Stop and look around, the Obama Administration has FORCED the people to go through X-Ray machines and Feel ups just to be secure. They have also told the people they need to eat different food because we are becoming “obese”. I looked in the Constitution and never found any description of the Government FORCING the people to give up their freedom for security or to become slimmer. I have not included the health care act because it also is counter to our freedom since the Government will be telling us which health care to use.

Freedom is now almost an illusion of what it once was, but we can bring it back to life if we choose to, it is up to all of us to decide, do we want freedom or do we want the Government TELLING us what to do or FORCING us to do what they want! It is up to us, do we want the illusion of Freedom or do we want the real FREEDOM?

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