From Ignorance To Crazy

November 9, 2013

There is a difference between ignorance, hard headed, stupidity, and crazy.  Ignorance – not knowing the facts. Hard headed – not believing the facts. Stupidity – action despite the facts. Crazy – continued action despite the facts.

Cover of "Gigli"

Cover of Gigli

Ignorance is really being uninformed of the facts. Regardless of where the facts are, to speak out on something that you know nothing about shows ignorance.

Hard Headed is what happens when you are presented with facts and you refuse to acknowledge the facts and continue to believe whatever you want.

Stupidity is what happens when you persist in your preconceived notions while ignoring the facts that should lead you to believe otherwise.

Crazy is when you see the harmful results of your preconceived notion and persisting in actions to prove yourself right despite the overwhelming physical evidence to the contrary.

I’ve watched the health care debate go through 3 of the 4 stages. When Obamacare was first proposed, many in the health industry just stayed quiet rather than upsetting the ignorant. What did they have to lose? People could believe whatever they wanted to believe because ignorance without action doesn’t really harm anybody.

But the law came, and the facts started to come out, and ignorance went into action. Hard headed people wouldn’t listen to reason. How can you depend on young people to buy insurance and at the same time tell those young people they don’t have to buy health insurance until they reach the age of 26? How can you tell people their health insurance plan is being canceled because it wasn’t good enough and at the same time punish people economically  for having a health care plan that was too good?

Landrieu ObamaBut hard headed fell into stupidity recently when people are now faced with some facts. 52 million people are expected to lose their health insurance. More people have seen Gigli in the movie theaters than have signed up for Obamacare. But the difference between Gigli and Obamacare, Gigli was considered such a flop that it was pulled from theaters within a week. Obamacare supporters persist. That’s where “Crazy” comes in.

When policies began getting canceled, Mr. Obama and Mary Landrieu went out with other Democrats and came up with lines such as “those policies were junk policies” and “What we said was ‘you can keep your plan if it was good enough'”. Some people bought into that, crazy people who despite absolutely no evidence to back up that claim, went out and repeated it. But to add insult to injury, Obama apologized after insisting that he didn’t lie, you misheard him.

Imagine if you will, you are at your job. Your direct supervisor insists that you do your job a certain way. Now he repeatedly tells you that is the correct way, period. You listen to him, after all, he is your boss and you must do what he says.

One day you get called into his supervisors office and you are confronted about the way you are doing your job. You explain that you followed orders from your supervisor who also is in the room with you. He looks at you and says… “I told you only do it that way “IF”…”. You’d be dumbfounded. You would be floored, and I’d say, apoplectic. You would be furious because not only did he tell you the wrong information that got you in trouble, he now insists that it’s your fault and he told you the correct information all along.

Now, a couple of days later after you lost your job, you bump into what is now your former boss and he looks at you and says “I am sorry that you are finding themselves in this situation … based on assurances they got from me” and then continues on… “I’ve got to work hard to make sure that you know I hear you and that I’m going to do everything I can to deal with you finding yourself in a tough position as a consequence of this.”

That would take a lot of audacity, to blame you, costing you your job and hurting you financially. You could argue that Obama didn’t cost anybody their “job”, but his promise is hurting people financially. Those who had their insurance at an affordable rate now may have to get assistance from the government just to buy health insurance, and Democrats think that’s a good thing. How about those who bought their policies and did not have a pre-existing condition at the time they bought their policy, but have since developed a condition? A new policy, even though it has to accept a pre-existing condition, will factor that condition into their rates and that individual will pay a higher premium because of it. This is a good thing because…?

See those who persist in their support of Obamacare are now starting to teeter on crazy. October’s job participation rate fell to 62.8% and while Democrats are blaming this on the shut down, I would suggest that taking money out of people’s pockets and making them purchase a more expensive health insurance policy has a negative effect on the economy. And while the Left in this country blame the government shut down for bad economic numbers, then surely there will be a big boost in the economy when those federal employees not only get their current check but their back pay as well.

But if next month’s economic numbers continue to slide or barely move, you have to begin to wonder what effect turning 1/7th of our economy over to the government will have over our economy? And if just a small percentage of the population has that effect on our economy, how devastating will it be when the rest of us, those of us with employment provided health insurance, join their ranks and lose our insurance too?

Crazy will be voting Mary Landrieu and her Democrat colleagues back into office. Here’s a bright side, if Obama can’t win the votes for Landrieu, maybe he could sign an executive order allowing Mary Landrieu to continue as Senator.  Sad thing is, I’ll bet a lot of Democrats will agree to it and tell you something about Bush, as if Bush just left the White House yesterday.

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