From the patriotic mouths of babes

May 15, 2009

Below is an essay done by a little Patriot who I adore, had to share.

“I have a dream that the war in Iraq will end. I want us to have a victory and have a treaty with them. No more suicide bombings and no more deaths. The soldiers will go home and be reunited with their families. Soldiers in hospitals that will return to active duty once again, won’t have to. They can spend more time with their kids and catch up on birthdays or something important that they missed.They finally get to spend another Christmas with their families. The best thing of all is that they don’t need to worry what their kid’s life will be like if they die.”

And here is a sweet thing I found written on a card from a kid that I sent overseas.
“Thank all of you soilders for doing all of theing that you did for our country.I sure you get paid for all of this stof. I bet you get paid 2 million dollars a year.Be brave stay strong army strong.”

This is Military Appreciation Month and Saturday is Armed Forces Day. On a daily basis I speak with people who really want to support the troops but are not sure how to do it. Let me give you a few simple suggestions:

* See someone in uniform, walk up to them and thank them for their service.
* See an older gentleman wearing a baseball hat with his unit or the words veteran written on it, go and thank him.
* Do something nice for a military spouse. Do not ask them what they need, just do something.
* Visit your local VA facility.
* Pay for a cup of coffee or a meal for a service member.
* Adopt a soldier, buy a gas card, join a team or donate some money at Soldiers’ Angels or another military non-profit.
* Get your children involved with supporting the troops!
* Get your group or organization involved with a project.

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