Gas Prices, Part II

June 21, 2007

Some were critical about my rant concerning gas prices. There are some thick heads out there who think that because I complain it must mean I’m some communist, pro-regulation, wacko.

So I’ll just say it- the Democrats’ $29 billion tax hike on big oil (which has been scrapped) was pure insanity. It would have made the situation worse, because the tax would have been transferred on to the consumer. Shame on the Democrats for even thinking of such a thing when gas prices are already high.

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My point is that Democrats were intent on making gas prices worse- while Republicans were content to let it simply be bad.

Can’t we do better than this? From here on out, will it come down to a choice between “bad” (the G.O.P.) and “worse” (the Democrats?). Because that IS what it has come down to. You can see that in the recent Zogby polls on the subject of illegal immigration. On the subject, Democratic congress has a three percent approval rating. Our Republican president has a president has a nine percent approval rating.

Not sure about the American public, but that’s kind of how I feel about gas prices. When Republicans had control of congress, they didn’t do enough to open up Alaska for drilling. They didn’t do enough to build refineries. Now that the Dems are running things, there is absolutely no chance. And so the pain at the pump will continue, though not at a level it could have been.

Is that what we call progress?

The point is, I’m not fond of either party these days.

Today I heard a portion of the Rush Limbaugh show. Today wasn’t one of the two days a month that Rush works, so I was listening to one of his guest hosts. The guest host was railing about how the gas tax would raise gas prices, and he was right.

But here’s what tics me off. Rush will admit that gas is expensive when it’s the result of taxes. But when high gas prices are a result of a coercive monopoly such as OPEC, we’re not supposed to complain.

What do I mean by a coercive monopoly?

Well, a coercive monopoly is formed when big business gets government to pass laws that forbid competition. An example of this would be most electric companies. If I found a way to sell electricity to people in my neighborhood, it would be illegal, thanks to laws which the electric companies are responsible for.

That’s not a free market, dude.

M-Edge Launches Line of Sport Accessories for Amazon Kindle

Wireless News August 25, 2009

Wireless News 08-25-2009 M-Edge Launches Line of Sport Accessories for Amazon Kindle Type: News

M-Edge Accessories announced the launch of its newest line of products for Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX: The Sport Line.

The Sport Line, which includes the Latitude, Sleeve and Leisure Jackets, as well as the Journey Bag, provides a suite of options for travelers and on-the-go Kindlers looking for extra protection. Designed for everyday use during outdoor activities, The Sport Line offers a line of Kindle accessories. this web site amazon kindle support

Every Sport line product is available in six colors: black, red, navy blue, lime green, orange, and yellow, and are available for purchase on and

According to a release, the Sport Line includes the following offerings:

The Sleeve Jacket for Amazon Kindle is a travel accessory for the active eReader user. The Sleeve Jacket exterior, made of durable neoprene, provides device protection, and the soft grey polar fleece interior ensures your Kindle will always be cushioned in comfort. The Sleeve Jacket zips closed using a hidden double zipper, a feature which provides access to all ports and allows users to charge their device without removing it from the jacket. The Sleeve also includes an exterior back zipper pocket for charger and accessory storage, as well as a carrying handle that can be zipped away and concealed along the spine of the device.

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M-Edge Accessories is a provider of several lines of jackets and accessories for eBook devices, including Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iRex DR1000, and Bookeen Cybook.

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Charlie LeBlanc
Charlie LeBlanc

Ofcourse it will us (Americans) that will have to deal with Communists here and elswhere, we always did and always will. I Hope.

Charlie LeBlanc
Charlie LeBlanc

It's a general principle: If a good can be purchased more cheaply abroad, we enjoy a higher standard of living by trading than we would by producing it ourselves. The late Professor Milton Friedman said, "Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself." Some people justify their calls for protectionism by claiming that they're for free trade but fair trade. That's nonsense. Think about it: When I purchased my Lexus from a Japanese producer, through an intermediary, I received what I wanted. The Japanese producer received what he wanted. In my book, that's a fair trade. Of course, an American auto producer, from whom I didn't purchase my car, might whine that it was unfair. He would like Congress to impose import tariffs and quotas to make Japanese-produced cars less attractive and available in the hopes that I'd buy an American-produced car. In my book, that would be unfair.


I understand the jobs growth, etc. I'm wondering more about the long term effect of China being enriched by this trade deal, more more more money going to a communist country.

Charlie LeBlanc
Charlie LeBlanc

Let's talk about Trade Deficits. You where talking about them as a bad thing. I would like to set the tone if I can, that trade deficits is not a bad thing. Since 2001, our economy has created 9.3 million new jobs, compared with 360,000 in Japan and 1.1 million in the euro zone (European Union countries that have adopted the euro), excluding Spain. Japan and euro zone countries had trade surpluses, while we had large and increasing trade deficits. Both Spain and the U.K., like the U.S., ran trade deficits, but they created 3.6 and 1.3 million new jobs, respectively. Moreover, wages rose in the U.S., Spain and the U.K.

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