June 18, 2007

“If thou loveth life, do not squander time, for time is the stuff that life is made up of” — Benjamin Franklin

I’m sure if Franklin were around today, he’d say the same about gasoline. Gas has become the blood of our economy, something that we just can’t live without. We all know how much profits the oil companies are making, but despite our fury with them, it seems not one of us are willing to stop using it.
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In fact, despite our fury with them, not many of us are complaining that the Louisiana State Legislature is giving Exxon $10,000 in the name of compassion and to show us that Exxon is our “friend”. I’m not against big corporations trying to be our friend, but do they have to do it with our money? It doesn’t help matters when Representatives are asking for money for their own non profit organizations, but hey, this is Louisiana, could you expect anything different?

But I digress, I am for the free market enterprise. I drive more than perhaps most of our readers. I fill up my tank on a daily basis because in my business I’m on the road a lot. When gas prices go up, it doesn’t affect me by a few dollars, but by hundreds of dollars a month. Simply put, it becomes expensive to me.

I won’t lay blame on the big oil companies, after all, they aren’t even the people making the biggest profit off of sales. The biggest profiteer from the evil oil companies is our Federal government.

We the people, the average Joe, will eventually retaliate against the oil companies. We will begin to seriously boycott Citgo gas, which Hugo Chavez is the one guy doing the most to keep the gas prices high. We will eventually purchase cars that get better fuel efficiency. We will stop driving needlessly.

But until we stop being so weak that we can’t live without taking those extra drives, are driving around the parking lot at Wal-mart until we find a spot close enough to the door, we deserve to pay the oil companies & the federal government excessive profits.

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Tony G
Tony G

Good story Avman. I hope ExxonMobil donated the money to some charitable cause. Many oil companies lend great financial support to the local communities. ExxonMobil being one. Did you read where Chavez is trying to stick it to XOM? Mobil Oil Company spent over a billion dollars in the late 90's building a facility in Jose, Venezuela. This facility was built with joint ownership of PDVASA. Chavez nationalized the oil industry and took control of the PDVASA. Now instead of the 49% ownership which was contracted for he wants almost 75% ownership. Looks like ExxonMobil will lose this investment. It will be interesting to see what they'll do with the Chalmette facility with PDAVASA owning 49%.

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