Get your Big Girl Panties on!

February 8, 2008

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The discussion is over as Chad at the Dead Pelican so graciously said. Matt Lewis at asks, “Can we all get along, after all… (go read the rest).” There is no more discussion about candidates on the right for President. Suck it up and deal with the candidate you have been handed. If you read this blog because you have an inkling of conservative values in you, you get McCain. If you are a real “right winger,” you get McCain. If you are a libertarian, you get McCain. It is what it is world – look forward to a new administration with McCain and unite. Everyone who calls themselves a grown-up needs to stop stomping up and down like babies and disgracing themselves and the Republican Party publicly because they didn’t get their candidate. As the “Princess of Positive,” I urge you to be happy with our choice unless you think Hillary or Obama are better suited for the job. Get yourself excited about all the good people McCain will bring aboard with him. Don’t forget to vote and please don’t waste your vote!!!

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