Good Judgement: A Critical Election

December 6, 2012

Louisiana Supreme Court

In two days time, voters in district 5 will be called upon to elect a new State Supreme Court Justice to represent them. We’ve pared our choices down to two men. One, Judge John Michael Guidry, backed by the state Deomcratic Party, and the other, Judge Jeff Hughes, by the GOP. I wanted to get that out of the way early, because I don’t want this to be about party. I’m not here on behalf of Louisiana Republican. We are Louisiana Conservative.

Why is that important? You don’t have to be Republican to be conservative. If you vote with a Democratic tag next to your name, but you believe in conservative values, you still need to hear this. District 5 has never been represented by a conservative.  Chief Justice Catherine Kimball has a track record of leaning to the left.

Louisiana’s State Supreme Court is balanced on a razors edge, with Three of the seven justices holding liberal records, and three with conservative records. In the balance, District 5. A district that has a 100% Liberal history. We have it in our power to change this. We can stop the liberal rulings that are coming out of this court by placing a fiscal and social conservative on the bench. We can fix this by electing Judge Jefferson Hughes on Saturday.

Judges John Michael Guidry and Jeff Hughes

Let’s be totally honest here. Jeff Hughes has been on the bench for twenty two years, serving in the 21st Judicial District before joining the First Circuit Court of Appeals in 2005. Since that time, he has shown strong conservative judgement (no pun intended), and has ruled with a strong eye toward what is in our state’s constitution. He rules by the laws that are in place, and holds himself to the standards that were set and ratified by the people of Louisiana. This is in stark contrast to outgoing Chief Justice Kimball, who represented our district by trying to legislate from the bench, and stated that she was proud of her judicial activism. This is not the kind of behavior that we want in the courts.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why are you attacking Justice Kimball? She’s retiring.” That is true. The difference is, I can demonstrate her track record with ease. Judge John Michael Guidry has been  on the bench since 1997 with no discernable record to speak of at all. I have been searching. I can’t find any notable rulings that he has made, decisisons he’s been a part of, nothing.

Starring John Michael Guidry?


I have to wonder why that is. Has he actually gone fifteen years in the courts without making any impact whatsoever? Is this someone we want making rulings that shape the very fabric of our state? Is he running  from his record? I don’t know. I honestly could not tell you anything about the man except for the fact that he makes all of his campaign speeches to church congregations. That in itself is not bad, but if it’s the only thing that you’re known for it’s just not enough. The one thing I do know about him is this. The one endorsement he has received is that of the Louisiana Democratic Party. Thanks for that critical information.

In contrast, We have seen that Judge Jeff Hughes has taken on Chief Justice Kimball’s judicial activism. He has fought to keep Grand Juries behind closed door, as they are intended to be,  in the case of Dr. Pou, the Doctor accused of committing mercy killings during Katrina. He has protected our property rights and fought property seizure by eminent domain. He ruled to protect the rights of an individual that was wrongly accused of counterfeiting and detained in a drive through for having old, but still legal, currency. Finally, he upheld the conviction of Baton Rouge serial killer Derrick Todd Lee.

Saturday, as we go to the polls, let us not forget the good judgment shown by Judge Jefferson Hughes. Let’s give this state a conservative court for once.


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