Good Mourning – The Inauguration of Barack Obama

January 20, 2009

Today I’m in mourning, obviously because I was not among the slim majority that voted for him. I have taken a break from writing much politically because there wasn’t much to say, well, at least without dragging myself down to the same childish and petty criticism that we had to endure from the left since election day the first time Bush won. I’d rather focus my energy into criticizing Mr. Obama on legitimate issues. And as you can tell, I’m going to treat Mr. Obama with the same respect that our main stream media had given “Mr. Bush” during most of his eight years in office.

I must admit, I’ve skipped out on much of the inauguration coverage. Apparently many of you haven’t figured out that Barack Obama is a black President, and what’s more, the first black president. Apparently this is “historical”, and combining that with the fact that the Arizona Cardinals made history by making it to their first Super Bowl, the words “History” and “Historical” are quickly becoming the most overused word since “Terrorism”, perhaps more.

I’m not exactly sure why this word is being used as much as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I understand, it’s the first black President, but I’m pretty sure that 98% of black people know Barack is the first black President, and I’m pretty sure the ratio is the same in the White community, the Hispanic community, and the Asian Community. Maybe slightly less for the Native American community, but only because they’re out on a reservation and don’t have Verizon. Truth is, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

I’m not surprised that I get to see a black man as President, I’ve believed for quite sometime that we will see a Black President in my lifetime. I don’t think the worst of White people. I believe that most White people would be willing for Black President. The problem is, America, you’ve caught the Liberal media by complete surprise. They’ve lived in their little elite corners in New York and Los Angeles and were completely surrounded by each other somehow stuck living in the 1960’s while the rest of the world has passed them by. The United States is among the most culturally diverse in the world, how on earth can they think we are the most racist country on earth? But they do.

Which reminds me of those stupid “Eracism” bumper stickers I keep seeing. I don’t have friends that are racist so maybe I’m ignorant to this extensive racism, but if I did have racist friends, I’d probably put one of those bumper stickers on my car so I could subtly lecture the people I associate with about racism.

Ultimately I’m not that impressed with a black guy winning the Presidency, it was only a matter of time before it happened and it finally did. So what? I don’t judge a man by the color of his skin, I’m going to judge a man by his character. Maybe someday, I know it’s a fantasy, the Left will grow up and realize that black people accomplishing something in their lives really isn’t that spectacular. Black people, as hard as it is for the Left to understand, are NOT inferior to white people.

Four years from now when Mr. Obama runs for re-election, he won’t be able to win off of “making history” again. Four years from now, if he’s going to win it’ll be because of merit, or because the GOP puts up another piss poor candidate reminiscent of John McCain… and that’s the GOOD in my mourning.

Despite voting for John McCain in the general election (Ron Paul in the primary), Americans probably made the right choice in choosing the President, for the good of the country and the good of the Republican party. Let’s face it, John McCain handling the economy would be preferable to shaving with sandpaper, maybe. The war in Iraq? Obama’s going to continue it, and the left will just shut up and agree, even finally praise our efforts there. Guantanamo Bay? Leftist will demand we start torturing now. Hypocrisy? The left will consider that a good thing. Considering how far John McCain was to the left, we might actually have the more conservative of the two candidates taking the oath of office, and Liberals will be singing conservatism’s praises.

And when Bush took office in 2001 faced with a recession, he enacted policies that actually stimulated the economy, which kept going until recently. What happened that could have changed that? Perhaps the Democrats new found control over congress… a mere two years later, viola… economic doomsday. Either way, it’s practically a gift the Democrats have given us. Obama either governs as a conservative, and the nation moves to less government, less taxes, and saves the economy or he moves to the left when the nation can’t afford to, and the nation along with the GOP moves towards less government, less taxes. Either way, we win.

That is unless the GOP does what Bush did and try to redefine the Republican party as a party that can be left of Democrats.

Met Life in pact with big Calif. bank.(Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Glendale Federal Bank F.S.B.)

National Underwriter Life & Health-Financial Services Edition July 22, 1996 | Friedman, Amy S.

Metropolitan Life has entered an agreement with Glendale Insurance Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Glendale Federal Bank, a savings & loan in Glendale, Calif. with $14.7 billion in assets, to market its whole, variable universal life and term life products. website met life dental

GlenFed, which sells mortgage, credit and AD&D insurance, had wanted to “bring life insurance to the forefront,” according to Michael Goraleski, executive vice president of Glendale Federal. “We approached Met Life” with the idea of a joint arrangement, he said.

Met Life, which had $179 billion in assets as of year-end 1995, will sell its own whole life, variable universal life and term life products through agents in GlenFed’s 150 full-service branches in California. It will not sell annuities or health insurance.

In the first phase, which will begin in fourth quarter 1996, Met Life will place its own representatives into the 38 GlenFed branches in Los Angeles and San Diego counties. It then will expand to branches in the rest of the state in 1997. The reps will be paid salaries and incentives, according to John F. Chatfield, III, vice president and head of Met Life’s one-year-old Bank Financial Services group. see here met life dental

GlenFed and Met Life will also coordinate on marketing programs which will include a customer referral program, according to executives with the companies. “Our reps will be part of a team approach with the bank to meet needs of customers in banking, investment and insurance,” Mr. Chatfield said.

This is Met Life’s fourth foray into the bank market. It will be marketing a far smaller product line through GlenFed than it had in its ultimately unsuccessful joint arrangements in the mid-1980s with Mercantile Bancorporation, St. Louis, Society for Savings, Hartford, and First Federal Savings of Arkansas.

Executives with the company are more hopeful about the current arrangement. “There has been a significant repositioning of the bank market since the mid-1980s–banks have demonstrated they are able to support a needs-based approach, which they could not in the mid-1980s,” Mr. Chatfield said.

Met Life’s decision to re-enter bank marketing was correct, said bank insurance marketing consultant Ken Kehrer, president of Kenneth Kehrer Associates, Princenton, N.J.

“Life insurance has been a no-growth industry for years,” he said, and firms like Met Life must find ways to increase sales and improve distribution. Still, it doesn’t mean a bank customer will want to buy life insurance through a bank any more now than in the 1980s, he said.

Friedman, Amy S.


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