Goodbye Steel Mill!

February 27, 2007

Hey, what’s the use of blogging if you can’t stick your neck out every once in awhile.

Well, put a fork in it folks, the steel mill is a done deal, just not in Louisiana.

With today’s announcement that Toyota has selected Mississippi to build their new car plant near Tupelo, the announcement also included information divulging the political pact between Governor Barbour (MS) and Governor Riley (AL).

Now that Miss. has won the Toyota plant Gov. Barbour is throwing his support behind Alabama to be the new location for the ThyssenKrupp steel mill.

Louisiana was in the running, but with the entire Senatorial delegations of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida and the two mentioned Governors, it looks like our “infamous napper” is about to chalk up yet another defeat.

Perhaps, now that Governor Blanco has some extra money on her hands, maybe she will help out the citizens of Louisiana instead of those in Germany.

Anyway, my prediction stands. Come and “thump” me if I am wrong.


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