Government Shut Down??

October 11, 2013


Leon Puissegur

Just how bad have the Democrats been during this “Government Shut Down”? Maybe as bad as the Republicans? No way, at least the Republican House with a few Democrats passed several bills that would have kept some of the monuments open! Both of them have been acting a bit wild, but this is the way our Constitution is designed to operate! If you do not know this you should! Now if you do not believe us, just go to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution and read what it states very clearly, “The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;…”

From there it goes on to explain what Congress can and cannot fund, tax and son on. Now let us pay special attention to the part where the Constitution states, “ …shall be uniform throughout the United States;…” Here we have to stop and think that if the President, by making a change in the Affordable Care Act that he signed just for big companies, unions and a few others that helped him get the law passed, allowed them a “delay”, then by the very nature of the Constitution it would be clear to state that, President Obama was not “Uniform” in his application of a particular law! With that being stated and enforced by the very Constitution, it becomes very clear that it is the duty of President Obama and the Democrats to pas any and all laws, which are “Uniform” in nature to the United States.

Now today we called several Senators offices and low and behold, our own Senator Mary Landrieu cannot be contacted due to the government shut down! We figured that this maybe done just for the local offices, but when we called the Washington office of Senator Mary Landrieu we got the same standard message, “Due to the Government Shut Down, our office is closed.” Now we figured that maybe Senator Mary Landrieu just did not wish to speak to anyone while she voted against the way the people of Louisiana wished so she closed her office to keep from hearing the people tell her to vote to open at least the World War 2 monument for the Veterans! We decided to then call Senator Vitter’s office and low and behold, we got a person to answer the phone and he stated that they have a few working but if we had any problems they could inform Senator Vitter!

Let us take a very close look at this now because this shows a lot of what is going on in Washington, D.C. and it shows just who is and who is not listening to the people! We decided to have a couple of our friends to make calls to their Senators and find out if maybe just Louisiana has Just the Democratic Senator refusing to open her office. To our surprise, we found out that it was nearly the same and it seemed to indicate that the Republicans and a couple of conservative Democrats held their offices open while those who strongly support President Obama closed their office in what now looks like a very solid plan by some Democrats to make sure they do not hear from the people!

We have to wonder just why is it that Senator Mary Landrieu would close her office to calls while the Republicans are willing to work their offices and listen to the people? Once again the people of Louisiana have been ignored by Senator Mary Landrieu and it seems that she just does not care about doing what is right! The people of Louisiana should have voted her out of office when she voted Against making English the national language.

Now we saw the thousands of “Illegal”, that is “Criminals” and this may sound mean but when people who Broke the Law to get into this nation are allowed to walk the mall while World War 2 Veterans and “Citizens” of this nation cannot walk as freely into any open air monument, than this nation is not right! We wanted to ask Senator Mary Landrieu’s office if she attended the rally held by “Criminals” that were “Illegally” in our nation but once again her office is closed and we could not find out! Maybe it is time to close Senator Mary Landrieu’s office for good? We can do this in 2014 and we should go back and remember that Senator Mary Landrieu voted against allowing the open-air monuments for all “Citizens” to see and Senator Mary Landrieu did nothing to stop thousands of “Illegal Aliens” from being allowed to walk where the “Citizens” could not! Senator Mary Landrieu does not care for the people of Louisiana and by closing her office during a period of time when it should be open to accept the calls, shows without a doubt that Senator Mary Landrieu cares more about what President Obama tells her what to do than what the “Citizens” of Louisiana and the nation need her to do!


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