Governor Jindal Appoints Board of Parole – BREAKING NEWS!!

February 18, 2008

State of Louisiana

Office of the Governor


February 18, 2008

Governor Bobby Jindal Announces Appointments to Board of Parole

Baton Rouge

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced five appointments and two reappointments to the Board of Parole, including Kelly Anderson of Simmesport, Winzer Andrews of Shreveport, Greta Jones of Monroe, Alfred T. Mims, Jr. of New Orleans, Wayne Morein of Ville Platte, and the reappointment of Cyril A. Lowe Jr. of Monroe and Jim Wise of Leesville. Cyril A. Lowe, Jr. will serve as chair of the board and Alfred T. Mims, Jr. was appointed to the board upon the nomination of Victims and Citizens Against Crime, Inc.

All member of the Parole Board are appointed by the Governor, including the chairman. According to statute, one of the seven members of the board is appointed from a list of at least three names submitted by Victims and Citizens Against Crime, Inc. The Parole Board, which usually meets in three-member panels, determines the time and conditions for the release of convicted felons placed in state correctional institutes, and also determines sanctions for those who violate their parole.

Kelly Anderson, of Simmesport is currently an aviation security officer in the U.S. Marshall Services. Anderson entered the Department of Corrections as a corrections cadet in 1978 and was promoted to corrections sergeant, where he served from 1978 to 1981. He later became a corrections lieutenant at Angola and then served at the Avoyelles Correctional Center from 1989 to 2007 as a major shift supervisor, a lieutenant colonel, and the colonel chief of security for the center. Anderson is a member of the American Correctional Institute and the Southern State Correctional Association.

Winzer R. Andrews Sr., of Shreveport, is a retired teacher from the Louisiana State University Agriculture Center in Shreveport. Andrews began serving as a teacher in Union Parish in 1969. He then began serving at the Louisiana State University Agriculture Center from 1969 to 2005. Andrews also served as a county agent and the Caddo Parish chairman for community leadership and economic development in 2005. Andrews is also a member of the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals, the National Association Agricultural Agents Association, and a former member of the Shreveport African American Chamber of Commerce. Andrews has a bachelor’s of science in animal science from Southern University and a master’s degree in extension education with a minor in horticulture from Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

Greta W. Jones, of Monroe is currently a member of the Ouachita Expressway Authority, working to obtain funding for a bridge over the Ouachita River in Ouachita Parish. Jones has previously served as an administrative assistant at Commercial Solvents Corporation, an enumerator for the United State Census, and an interviewer for the Research Triangle Institute. Jones was also previously appointed vice-chair of the Louisiana Tourism and Development Commission where she represented the fifth congressional district. Additionally, Jones is a member of the Louisiana Center for Women and Government at Nichols State University

Cyril A. Lowe, Jr., of Monroe, has served on the Board of Parole since 1991. Lowe previously served as a Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy from 1963 to 1966. He joined the Coast Guard in 1966 and was honorably discharged in 1972. Lowe then worked in marketing and research for seismic exploration for Seis Pros, Inc. from 1974 to 1986. Lowe later served in the office of Senator Steve Thompson of Winnsboro.

Albert “Comet” Mims, Jr., of New Orleans has served as a deputy in the Orleans Parish Civil Sheriff’s Office since 1997. Mims has previously worked as a cement finisher and as a counselor for the Opportunity ndustrialization Center working with adjudicated juveniles in New Orleans. Mims was also a self defense training instructor at the Michael O’Neal Karate School in New Orleans. Mims was awarded WDSU’s Jefferson Award in 1991 and he was named Role Model of the Year in 1996 by the National Sports Foundation. He is a member of the Civil Sheriff’s Reserve Deputies Association Board and he is a volunteer with Sheriff Foti’s Juvenile Detention Center, the Jordan Noble Center, the Big Brothers of GNO, and the Youth Study Center.

Claude “Wayne” Morein, of Ville Platte,is the former Sheriff for Evangeline Parish, where he served from 1991. Morein was also a member of the United States Army and was honorably discharged in 1960. He is a member of the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association, the Vietnam Veterans Association, the American Legion, the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement, the Evangeline Council on Law Enforcement, and the Acadian Criminalistics Laboratory Commission. Morein received law enforcement training from the Louisiana Sheriff’s Institute.

Jim Wise, of Leesville, has served on the Board of Parole since 2004. Wise worked on oil rigs for Geo Southern Energy Corporation from 1977 to 1982. He then joined the Vernon Sheriff’s Office where he served as jailer, a patrol deputy, and a detective. He accepted a position with the Department of Corrections in 1997 and worked in the investigations unit. From 2000 to 2004, Wise again joined the Vernon Parish Sherriff’s Office and served as a supervisor. Wise is a member of the Vernon Parish Crime Stoppers Association, the Cattleman’s Association, and the North American Youth Basketball Association. He is a recipient of the 2003 Lawman of the Year Award. Wise received law enforcement training from the Calcasieu Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy, the LSU-law enforcement school, and Northwestern State University.



  1. […] I have written in the past that my first ever interview with then gubernatorial candidate Congressman Bobby Jindal was an experience of a lifetime. Later, but yet to be published, was the greater experience of attending the Republican Legislator’s Reception with both  Governor-elect Jindal and Senator-elect Mike Walsworth. That experience was then trumped by sitting on the floor of the Senate and watching my great friend Senator Mike Walsworth be sworn into office and then moving on to see Governor Jindal sworn into office. Going even further up that ladder of experiences was attending the Governor’s Inauguration Ball with my wife, Nancy, Senator Walsworth, and my dear friend Mrs. Greta Jones. […]

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