Governor’s Debate, Absent Jindal

October 9, 2007

I’m sitting here watching the League of Women Voter’s Gubernatorial debate and what I see and this is my thoughts.

  • Boasso used the word “Hybrid” while describing his healthcare system. This is to convince Liberal Democrats that since he used the term Hybrid, he actually is a Democrat.

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  • If you put the mute button on, at least Patch Campbell doesn’t sound like an angry little man, he just looks that way.
  • John Georges is in a class all by himself, he shouldn’t have degraded himself by appearing on stage with the other two candidates. In fact, the LWV should have invited some of the lesser known candidates, that would have been interesting.
  • Boasso wants to say that he’s “from the government, and I’m here to help you.” Um, I know Halloween is around the corner, but does he have to scare us with his campaign?
  • They all own guns, but guns are good in their hands, just not in other people’s hands
  • The station has a [d] behind Boasso’s name. Shouldn’t it be a big D behind his name? and not just because it’s standard procedure.
  • Patch Campbell also has a little d after his name, but it kind of fits him, he looks like a little man. Maybe it’s just because he’s standing next to Boasso, but that doesn’t explain why he looks so angry. Maybe his ma took the chicken out of his pot, or maybe the pot out of the bag, and then blamed it on the oil companies this time.
  • Patch Campbell said he didn’t sign on to Blue Print Louisiana because they didn’t include “coastal erosion” and I won’t sign on to the NRA because they don’t include abortion.
  • John Georges’s closing statement is straight-forward, down to earth, and yeah, I can see this guy being our Governor.
  • Patch Campbell’s closing statement still comes off as angry. He’s angry at big tobacco, he’s angry at big oil, he’s angry at Bobby Jindal, he’s angry at John Georges and Walter Boasso because they spent more than him, and the only person that can make the world right is Patch Campbell. Patch can’t be governor, and he’s going to be angry at the Louisiana voters for not voting for him.
  • Walter Boasso’s closing statement included complaining about other candidates saying anything just to get elected so they can go do what they really want. I suppose he’s not referring to any gubernatorial candidates that used to be a Democrat, who switched to the Republican party to get elected, only to switch back to the Democrat party so that he can get elected.
  • The moderator echoed what the candidates think when he said “get out and vote”. I’m sure he did. Actually what the candidates are really thinking is, “Get out and vote, unless you’re not going to vote for me, in which case, ‘are you going to the biggest game of the year down at Tiger Stadium on October 20?”

If Patch or Boasso win, then good luck Louisiana. Fortunately, even though this state consistently ranks at the bottom in education, the voters are still too smart to vote for those two.

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