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October 16, 2007

Procter & Gamble has demanded Walter Boasso quit using ‘Tide’ in his campaign commercials.  Strangely, so has Nick Saban.

Revolutionary computer system coming to family court

New Pittsburgh Courier September 23, 1998 | N, Treshea Revolutionary computer system coming to family court by Treshea N. Wade Courier Staff Writer Allegheny County Family Division Court will be shut down for all spousal and child support-related matters next week to implement a computer system that will revolutionize collection of child support payments.

The Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System will directly affect 180,000 people throughout the county, and will track cases more efficiently, offer expanded enforcement remedies and enable faster, more effective monitoring of child support compliance.

But don’t call the court from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2 with questions. The new system will not be functional until Oct. 3. The shut down means approximately 1,000 child support cases will not be heard, but that will soon change.

During a Sept. 22 press conference, Judge Max Baer, administrative judge of Family Division, explained that approximately 10 years ago, the federal government mandated every state in the country implement a centralized collection system for child support payments. in our site pennsylvania child support

According to Baer, Allegheny County could not comply earlier because of its large caseload.

Once the system is in place, people who owe and people who receive child support can call 412-350-4086 or 412-350-5600, 24 hours a day to access information concerning their case.

First-time callers will be required to select a personal identification number in order to access any information. The Automated Voice Response telephone system will also prompt callers to key in their assigned case and member identification numbers.

Clients with multiple cases will have to select separate identification numbers. web site pennsylvania child support

Family Division employees have worked countless overtime hours to prepare for the transition.

Baer said the system has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Once the new system is implemented, case workers will have smaller caseloads. However, one disadvantage is that the new system will decrease local control.

“If we had money loss and it was Christmas time and we needed to write a check, I would say to our people, `Write the mom a check and we’ll straighten it out later.’ We can’t do that anymore. We don’t write checks anymore. Harrisburg writes checks,” Baer said.

And credit cards will no longer be an acceptable means of payment.

Jeff Rowe, PACSES project director, said once the new system is working in Pennsylvania, the state’s child support information will be placed in PACSES’ national registry.

Fifty-five counties in Pennsylvania are in PACSES; the ones remaining are expected to be in the system by November. Ten states have yet to implement the computer system.

A PACSES InfoLine has been set up to provide callers with information regarding the new system. The number is 412-560-2584.

N, Treshea


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