Guest Editorial Appears Two Days Early

February 13, 2007

My editorial column wasn’t supposed to appear in The Daily Advertiser until Thursday, but it was printed today. In my column, I take my endorsement of Duncan Hunter for President from the internet to the print press.

Commentary: California Republican Hunter Deserves Vote for Presidency

Campaigning for the presidential primaries is under way, and the Republican frontrunners offer little for conservative voters. John McCain teamed with Ted Kennedy in pushing for an amnesty bill for 13 million illegal aliens in the United States, and Rudy Giuliani expressed pro-abortion and heavy gun-control stances and supported offering more free government services to illegals while New York City mayor.

This is why conservative Republicans should give their support and votes to U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.

Hunter, who served as chairman of the Armed Services Committee during the last Congress, served in Vietnam with the 75th Army Rangers. Like McCain, he knows war is hell. Just as important, the Iraq war has been personal for the congressman, as his son served two tours of duty in Iraq as a Marine. He knows the worries of having a child in the cross-fire in Iraq or Afghanistan, a sentiment the vast majority of Washington politicians cannot relate to.

However, Hunter realizes that all the troops in the Middle East won’t do us any good against terrorism if we allow just anyone to come into the U.S. undocumented. He is one of few national legislators taking a hard stand against illegal immigration. He will push for a barrier across the whole U.S.-Mexico border and actually arm our National Guardsmen and Border Patrol with the tools they need to combat illegal immigrants and drug gangs.

Meanwhile, Hunter is for eliminating incentives for illegal aliens, such as cutting off free government services, and punishing employers who knowingly hire illegals.

On trade, Hunter stands with many residents of Louisiana’s 7th District who supported Rep. Charles Boustany in voting against CAFTA by opposing the measure himself. Also, Hunter has advocated ending so-called “free” trade with China because, while China continues to hurt many American businesses in trade, especially our local fishermen, they are using billions of American trade dollars to beef up their military.

I registered independent upon reaching voting age seven years ago and remained such since, but I will register Republican before the primaries to vote for Duncan Hunter. He is the candidate who can help the U.S. battle terrorism, border invasion and the trade deficit.

My only issue is the editors left out Hunter’s Presidential website that I had provided for the readers and my usual signature line stating my profession and plugging my website.

Duncan Hunter’s Presidential Website

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