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October 31, 2008

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From appliances to automobiles–nanomaterials improve products.(2004: THE YEAR IN REVIEW)

Nanoparticle News January 1, 2005 A variety of new nanomaterial-based products–ranging from unique “green” appliances to high performance bicycle components–entered the market this past year. Let’s take a look at some of the latest commercial nanotech advances. see here 2004 acura tl

Two Korean electronics companies–Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics–debuted innovative appliances that boast nanotechnology features. LG Electronics launched a TV refrigerator–a television and refrigerator combined–equipped with nanoparticles to kill bacteria and eliminate odors. The model for the U.S. market features a 21-cu.-ft. capacity refrigerator combined with a 13-in. liquid crystal display (LCD) television.

Nanosize silver particles coat the refrigerator’s interior and gasket to kill bacteria, and the appliance is also outfitted with a deodorizing kit called the Carbon Nano Ball that exploits “nano-size carbon particles” to absorb odors. In a similar advance, Samsung Electronics has launched sterilizing washing machines and refrigerators that exploit the antimicrobial characteristics of electrolytic silver nanoparticles to kill bacteria and mold and eliminate odors.

Three companies introduced photocatalytic products that owe their properties to nanocrystalline titanium dioxide. Early in 2004, Millennium Chemicals introduced a photocatalytic paint–dubbed Ecopaint–based on nanoparticulate titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate dispersed in a silicon-based polymer (polysiloxane). When exposed to sunlight, the Ti[O.sub.2] particles convert nitrogen oxide (NOx) exhaust gases to nictric acid, which is then neutralized by the calcium carbonate. It is reportedly possible to reduce NOx concentrations at street level by 60% using the new paint. Two other firms, Daiken Chemical Co. and NanoTwin Technologies, introduced photocatalytic air purifiers based on nanocrystalline titanium dioxide. NanoTwin’s product is designed to plug into a car’s 12-volt power outlet to clean the air inside the passenger compartment of any vehicle.

On the subject of automotive advances, Mercedes-Benz put into production a new clearcoat that reportedly boasts improved scratch-resistance due to the incorporation of nanoscale ceramic particles into the molecular structure of the clearcoat, forming an extensively crosslinked network. The automaker’s E, S, CL, SL and SLK-class model series were the first cars manufactured with this nano-particle-enhanced paint system. In a related new development, the seating in the 2004 Acura TL sedan is fabricated in part from a lightweight nanocomposite resin developed by Noble Polymers.

As a result of joint development work with carbon nanotube supplier Zyvex Corp., Easton Sports launched a line of 2005 bicycle components fabricated from a nanotube-enhanced composite material this past fall. Key to this commercial development was Zyvex’s technology to unbundle the tubes and integrate them uniformly into a resin system. With carbon nanotubes evenly dispersed within a conventional carbon fiber resin system, Easton Sports was able to produce bicycle components with reduced weight and better properties.


Issue Company New Product Reported

Quantum Dot Corp. Nanocrystal biolabeling products Jan. 04

Zyvex Micromanipulation and assembly tool Jan. 04 see here 2004 acura tl

Rohm and Haas Ceria nanoparticle CMP slurry Jan. 04 Electronic (Celexis) Materials

Mercedes-Benz Scratch-resistant nanoparticle Jan. 04 based clearcoat

Nanophase Tech- Cerium-based and tin oxide Feb. 04 nologies Corp. nanoparticles and dispersions

Evident Technologies Quantum dot composites Mar. 04 (EviDot Composites)

Millennium Chemicals Ti[O.sub.2] photocatalytic paint Mar. 04 (Ecopaint)

Kerr Corp. Dental nanocomposite Apr. 04

Noble Polymers LLC Nanocomposite for Acura Apr. 04 TL sedan seating

Zyvex Nanotube polyurethane additives May 04

Samsung Electronics Green appliances May 04

Daiken Chemical Co. Photocatalytic air purifier Jun. 04

BYK-Chemie Nanoalumina dispersions Jul. 04

Applied NanoWorks Abrasives for CMP (PinnacleAF Jul. 04 Nano-Oxides)

LG Electronics Inc. Green appliances Aug. 04

NanoTwin Technologies Ti[O.sub.2] photocatalytic auto air Aug. 04 purifier

NanoScale Reactive metal oxide granules Sept. 04 Materials Inc. and suspensions

Nanophase NanoExpress custom metal oxides Sept. 04 Technologies Corp.

Easton Sports Nanotube-enhanced bike components Oct. 04

NanoHorizons, Inc. Polymer compatible gold and Dec. 04 silver nanoparticles

Source: BCC, Inc.


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