He is the Law!

November 17, 2007

I often tell people that we conservatives don’t lose arguments against liberals because they are smarter than us, because they can articulate ideas better than we can, or even that they have the right ideas. They don’t. Liberals simply win arguments because they wear us out with their stupidity.
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Listening to liberals I often feel like I’m in the twilight zone where two completely different answers are both correct while the common sense answer is so obvious that they convince their selves it’s wrong because it’s not complicated. Really, life, dealing with people isn’t complicated. If you want people to respect you, first treat them with respect, but no, not in a Liberal world. If you want a liberal to respect you, you must grovel at his feet, then hope he respects you. At least that’s what Republicans often think they must do.

When Al Sharpton came to Louisiana in September, I personally wasn’t opening my arms to welcome him. I agree that the Jena 6 did not deserve to be charged with attempted murder, I thought that it was too harsh and I still do. I thought the D.A. made a mistake, that even if he did get a conviction, it would soon be overturned in a future appeal.

However, I do not believe that Mychal Bell and the others should have been rewarded with loads of cash, no charges, and the party night of the BET awards. I certainly did not approve of all the misinformation being spread during the time. Did Justin Barker put up the noose? No, but because somebody put up a noose that somehow justifies six black kids beating up one white kid? What if Justin Barker had been black? Would the noose have even mattered?

Certainly I understood the rally, that was justifiable. What I don’t understand is the supposed Reverend Al Sharpton going to Washington with his “No Justice, No peace” whining and saying that people hanging nooses should be tried for hate crimes. Does this include cattle ranchers?

I’m not encouraging that people start hanging nooses, but the simple fact that I feel obligated to explain that I’m not is an example of the stupidity that we have to deal with in our society. If I don’t some stupid idiot is going to say that I “want nooses hanging.” and if you were thinking of asking me if I want nooses hanging around, you’re one of those stupid people I’m referring too.

What I want is to quit living in this twilight zone where people think that hanging a noose is a far worse crime than six kids beating up one individual. Imagine a world where in your town somebody hangs a noose, now suddenly it’s justified for six people to beat you up, even if you had nothing to do with it, because the real crime ain’t the beating, it’s the noose somebody else put up.

I want to live in a society where we don’t have D.A. who look at the color of skin of criminals and let them go back on the street because they are black, and let them go kill more black people. To me, that’s more racist than a noose hanging on a tree.

If Al Sharpton actually cared about black people, if he actually cared about about justice, he’d focus more on community building rather than marching up and down streets with a bullhorn, telling the rest of us that we must accept his version of justice, or we won’t have peace.

There’s somethings I just can’t understand. Why people in America cheer for the terrorist and boohoo our troops whenever they have success is beyond me. But while that seems so obvious to my fellow conservatives as stupidity, it’s no different than these white guys who who tolerate people like Al Sharpton.

But the reasoning behind both is the same, it’s meant to make Republicans look bad. If the D.A. of Jena was a Republican, we would have had to hear Republican attached to his name everytime the media had a chance to say it. But he wasn’t, he is a Democrat. So months go by and Al Sharpton doesn’t know about this incident that’s gaining nationwide momentum, but he knows about every noose and what closets they are in?

It seems to me that if you want to be a racist, be a Democrat, then you can apologize and we can just forget the whole thing happened as long as you throw a few bucks at Sharpton’s way (exception Don Imus), but if you’re a Republican, you must resign your position, your company ought to fire you, you must apologize time and time again, and oh, throw a few bucks Sharpton’s way.

Minorities out to be incensed with Al Sharpton, he’s supposed to be ending racism, not fighting hard to keep it alive. But if he didn’t keep it alive, what would he do to get wealthy? Why any white person likes Al Sharpton is beyond me, it’s like black people liking David Duke. Both are racist who should apologize to our society for inflicting their stupidity on us.

Al Sharpton is right about one thing. If there’s no justice, there’s no peace. Some day, Sharpton going to force his version of justice on the rest of us, and there really won’t be any peace.


The reason that the liberals are so gung ho to support those who are against America (I.E. terrorists) are that the liberals themselves are against the America we have. They would rather see us be like the Europeans with a full blown welfare state and universal healthcare. They have no concept of liberty and individual freedoms. As Hillary put it in 1993. "We cannot be concerned with the individual".

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