What is the Health Care Compact – SB206?

May 5, 2011

When you or your child has an ear infection do you call your U.S. senator? You’re mother falls and break’s her hip do you call your U.S. congressman? When your spouse or friend finds an unexplained lump, do you call Barack Obama?  Since we all know the answer to these questions is “no”, then why are we letting the bureaucrats in Washington develop the health care plan that affects our families and friends?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) assumes that our needs in Louisiana are the same as the needs of the residents in Alaska or Montana.  It assumes that a “one size fits all” plan is good enough for the entire country (except those that have waivers).  It assumes that the best people to tell us how to spend our health care dollars are those who have created the problem over the last 60 years.

Louisiana residents send tax dollars to Washington, but when it comes back it’s with strings attached, often requiring that we spend even more money in pursuit of failed program goals. But the radical and historic health care reform legislation not only places an unprecedented financial burden on Louisiana, it also prohibits us from regulating for ourselves the most effective and efficient health care policy for our own residents. Federal “maintenance of effort” requirements prevent Louisiana from making any meaningful reforms to arrest the growing Medicaid/medicare price tag.

It’s time to try something new, and bring the policy decisions closer to home, back to our own states.

The Health Care Compact (HCC) is an interstate compact, a simple agreement between two or more states. When individuals or corporations reach an agreement, they create a contract. When states reach an agreement on something, they create a compact. Compacts have been around since before the ratification of the Constitution and have been powerful tools for states.

The Compact works by creating a shield for each state to free themselves from federal regulations, giving them the ability to design their own system.  Essentially, what Louisiana decides may not be the same as how our neighbors in Texas craft their health care policy. The point of the compact is not what we decide to do; the compact changes who is making the decisions. It determines WHO decides!  The states that join the Health Care Compact will be considered Health Care friendly states which in turn will create more jobs & better overall health care than what the current reform will bring.

The framers of the U.S Constitution gave us the ability to enter into interstate compacts, and never before in our history has our nation so needed states to stand up and for Washington to stand down.  To restore our state authority and ability to innovate, and to stop medicaid/medicare from wrecking the state budget.  An interstate compact on health care is a conservative priority that is being pursued in Louisiana’s current legislative session.  At this time Georgia has passed the HCC in their state and in Oklahoma it awaits Governor Fallin’s signature. There are 12 states including Louisiana that have bills moving through the House, Senate and ultimately to the governor for signature.

All total there are 38 states with teams on the ground working toward passing the HCC.  You can read the bill on the Louisiana Legislature website.  Please contact your legislators and request they support SB206. We must put pressure! We have, can and will make a difference …. if we take action!  Support SB206!

Senate Bill 206 is currently assigned to:

Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee

Please contact each member and ask for their support.

For more information on the Health Care Compact, click here


Written by Monica Scott of the Acadiana Patriots.


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