Heaux Neaux, Breaux Geaux Heauxm!

March 23, 2007
“you can’t get good gumbo… Marylanders don’t even know what crawfish is, but John Breaux would rather be around them, than here in Louisiana.”

A couple of posts back, I wrote that I would not be supporting Bobby Jindal in the primary, that my support for the guy had been wearing thin. That was before Kathleen Blanco dropped out. Admittedly, my initial reaction was that I made the right decision in not supporting Bobby Jindal as I think there are other candidates out there that are as good of quality, if not better. That was until John Breaux started bouncing the idea around that he would indeed get into the race, and then Mitch Landrieu threatened Louisiana by asserting his willingness to jump in if Breaux does not.

Louisianan’s have an opportunity now to rage against the very machine that has raised their taxes time and time again, allowed the murder rate to increase, attempted to build a sugar mill, stole land in order to build lakes in the name of economic develop. They have promised time and time again to get teachers a pay raise, but instead of raises, found other spending priorities engaging the state in a bloated budget with no results.

We saw the results of Moon Landrieu’s legacy in New Orleans, and John Breaux’s endorsement of Mary Landrieu, a woman who threatened to punch President Bush in the face, only solidifies that Breaux is a key element that keeps the machine well lubricated and finely tuned. Certainly Charles Foti will do what he can to lubricate that machine by ignoring written words and granting John Breaux the right to run.We’ve witnessed a system that attempts to put police officers in jail, while letting murders go free. We have a state in which black politicians have abused their position, manipulating the minority community as helping, but providing no leadership and no assistance. They have, in my humble opinion, aided and abetted in keeping minorities down, in order to be their salvation. The politicians in this state are well known for their corruption and it’s time for a change.As a supposed leader of Louisiana, serving as one of Louisiana’s Senators for several years, John Breaux is partially responsible for the disaster in New Orleans. Moreso than any of our current leaders, including Blanco. John Breaux, as Senator, should have known of the impending disaster and should have spent at least a little bit of his tenure as one of the most powerful men in Washington ensuring that New Orleans was safe.After hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, John Breaux continued to do what he did as United States Senator, that is to ignore the problems of New Orleans and spent the time outside of Louisiana. John Breaux took a job in Maryland that pays four million dollars a year instead of helping out the people of South Louisiana, instead of helping Louisiana recover. Now John Breaux wants to ride in on his vanilla horse and solve the ills of chocolate city?
One thing that I have learned about people in Bayou country is that Louisiana is home, and nothing can take that away from them. No amount of money will keep them away, not for long. You can’t get good Jambalaya in Maryland, you can’t get good gumbo, in fact, Marylanders don’t even know what a crawfish is, but John Breaux would rather be around them, than here in Louisiana.I can hear those voices, those that say how wrong I am, that “John Breaux left for money and any of us would do that and that John Breaux is ready to come back home”. To that I say John Breaux ain’t comin home, he’s leaving a four million dollar job to do what? I don’t think it’s to eat the gumbo. He ain’t helped build the state up while he served the citizens of Louisiana, can we really trust the guy to not be another crook like Edwin Edwards?If you think John Breaux can be trusted, remember, this is the same guy who also told us that he’s glad he retired from politics because now he can be honest. Doesn’t this mean he’ll go back to lying? If the Democrats want to really unite the Republican party, please continue to ask John Breaux to run, better yet, get Mitch. If Breaux or Landrieu gets into the race, I will work diligently to get Bobby Jindal elected. John Breaux, Geaux Home, that would be in Maryland.

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D'Arbonne News

Neaux Breaux!! Neaux Breaux!! Neaux Breaux!! PLEASE HELP SAVE LOUISIANA!! BOBBY JINDAL, GOVERNOR!!!!


Like I said, Breaux will have a strong backing because he's fer the wirkin' mayin. He Helped all de wirkin' men while dat Ray-gun feller was screwin' de wirkin' mayin.

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