Hell No! He Don’t Go!

March 31, 2008

There’s been much ado concerning Bobby Jindal and the John McCain Vice Presidential pick. There’s so many reasons why Jindal should not be the even considered the Vice Presidential nominee, why I took Bobby Jindal at his word, and why you’re better off smoking a big fat doobie than continuously wasting time talking about this.

First thing is Bobby Jindal still has a lot to prove. We in the state of Louisiana, conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, women and men, white and black, and the Ameri-whatever else (so not to offend anybody) do not want Bobby Jindal to run for anything else right now. He’s been governor for what, less than three months? He’s got a lot to prove still. He’s passed ethics reform, despite the protest of certain Democrats who believed that limiting lunches to $50 would force legislatures to eat at a Taco Bell, but it has barely been passed and we haven’t had enough time to see what kind of impact it’s going to have, pro or con.

And even though Bobby Jindal found some ways to cut taxes, he’s increased spending, gathering Republicans to lift the spending cap, even after the Republicans prevented Governor Blanco from doing the same. If it was wrong to lift the spending cap under the Blanco administration, then what makes it the right thing to do under a Republican administration?

And with a surplus, Governor Bobby Jindal has yet to significantly cut taxes as a method of rejuvenating a growing yet still struggling economy. Though we here at Louisiana Conservative have high hopes for the newly elected governor, and we are more than happy to celebrate his Barock star celebrity, we still have a duty and responsibility to our readers to hold Governor Jindal to conservative standards.

Bobby Jindal is a rock star, there’s no questioning that, but he’s the Hannah Montana of politics. Everybody is clamoring to touch this new idol, but nobody knows if he has the staying power of Led Zeppelin or if he’s destined to crash and burn like Britney Spears.

Bobby Jindal is a smart man, he’s smart enough to figure out that Louisianians are strongly with him, but if he abandons his post, his duty, his word, Louisianians would then abandon him. We didn’t elect Bobby Jindal during our tragic times to run for Vice President, we elected him because that last so-called Governor made the three stooges look like three Einsteins. We elected him because we know what we are facing in this state, and we expect Bobby Jindal to, maybe not be perfect, but at least bring our government into the 21st century. Hell, we’d be happy if he would just bring our state government up to 20th century standards.

Forgive us in Louisiana if we seem a bit selfish because we have barely had him for three months, hardly enough time for anybody but Jesus Christ to save a state, and last time I checked, Jindal’s mother isn’t the virgin Mary.

Governor Jindal has a lot on his plate, we still have a lot to learn about Bobby Jindal, and there’s no need to risk Bobby Jindal’s good name by attaching John McCain’s name to it. Let us keep Jindal for his term and let’s see if he’s even worth re-electing as governor before we put him in a disposable position. If he’s good, we’ll be happy to share him with the rest of the world in 2016. Shoot, if the next President is as bad as I think they’re going to be, we’d be thrilled to let the White House have him in 2012, but for now he’s got work yet to do. Now, quit wasting our time with this.

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Richard Kalvar

Greta Perry
Greta Perry

I couldn't get past "smoke a big fat doobie." Now I'm thinking of turning into a pothead and it is all your fault!

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