Here you go again, GOP

June 5, 2011

I fail to understand why Medicare must die.

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It truly pains me to do this, but I must start with a regression. I had a level of optimism and faith in Paul Ryan since his rebuttal back at the beginning of the year; to me, Paul Ryan was a bright, charming, and educated gentleman that didn’t gravitate toward the Tea Party(s). His loyalty to the Establishment and his soft yet direct lecturing concerning the fiscal state of the country was turning him into a poster boy of sorts for the Party, and his ‘Paul Ryan Plan’ was anxiously awaited as a correct solution to our national issues.

Then came the plan itself, and boy was I ever wrong about my first impression. You see, it’s highly hypocritical when we were all so outraged by Barack Obama cutting $500 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare; yet so many people approach the death of Medicare as we know it with optimism. Tell me, how many of the elderly can afford $15,000 of Medicare from the age of 65 and forward to the time of their passing? So why cut Medicare, the ever popular plan? Maybe if we removed some tax cuts from the country’s gazillionaire’s or removed NAFTA and make Mexico and Canada pay for American goods, the money could be compensated to encourage less of a drastic cut.

Fact is, we shouldn’t be trying to balance insanity with more insanity. Just because the Democrats wantonly spent money doesn’t mean we have to wantonly cut budget. Did Ronald Reagan, the Republican god himself, not argue that the American people should not have to settle for less? The elimination of Medicare as we know it is settling for less, a true regression that reeks of the Carter Administration mentality. What’s more, the Tea Party Caucus says it should double in cuts. My Republican Party so disappoints me in its constant efforts to slay Medicare, quick to scare-tactic and label it as Communism. There you go again, GOP.


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