Hey Bob, How Bout An Open Government Policy?

November 25, 2007

Now that we’ve been doubly blessed, both with the voters showing Bobby Jindal we’d rather have him in Baton Rouge instead of D.C., and that lady and her tramp showing their selves out the door, maybe it’s time to start identifying what is corruption and what isn’t. It’s not that complicated, at least we wouldn’t think it is, but we are living in a society where hairdryer manufacturers need to put labels on their product warning people not to use it in the shower. What idiot tries to dry their hair while taking a shower anyway, don’t they know their hair is just going to get wet again?
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The point being is that we are living in a country that not only excuses stupidity, but rewards it. When George Bush launched his war on “terrorist” he did not define what a terrorist was. Like Bush, the rest of us took it for granted that we understood what a terrorist was. Most of us understood that it was a Muslim radical who liked to tie bombs to himself,or any other means of killing other people, while committing suicide. We understood that a terrorist was somebody that you can’t deal with after they commit their terrorist act. But no, we had let stupidity run rampant and stupid people stepped with their hands out ready for their reward every time they think they discovered a new form of terrorism. Now kids passing gas in the classroom are considered terrorist performing acts of terror. Come to think of it, it is quite terrifying, but you can at least deal with it, feed the kids differently or something. But I digress.

There’s about three things I think the new Governor (my God it’s still so refreshing to say that) absolutely needs to do. The first is to identify what the corruption he’s talking about is, or it’s going to be defined and redefined until what corruption means is whatever Bobby Jindal does and accepting bribes is just a part of politics. If Jindal doesn’t do this, the really dirty politicians will do it for them, and the people will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

The next two go hand and hand and needs to settle any controversy about Hurricane Katrina and Rita. The first is too open up the list of the people who died and how they died. It doesn’t need to go into great detail, just the name of the person and the cause of their death. Certainly if we can release the names of the 2,000+ people that died on 9-11, why not be more public about the people who died in Louisiana’s worst disaster?

And finally, perhaps the most important thing, make it a public record of who received the road home money. I’m talking about their names, how much they received, and when they received it. Doing this will show the public that money wasn’t being dispersed unfairly (people understand different home values), that there was no political favors in who got money first (or how much), and it will help explain why it’s taking so long to get people their money from the federal government.

Now you might not agree with me on this and tell me how unfair it is, but I don’t think it’s fair that we have politicians complaining that we haven’t got our fair share of the money from the federal government when they their selves are somehow exempt from any accountability. It reminds me of the old Pink Floyd song “If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”

We can’t be afraid to show that our plate is clean if we want the Congress to give us pudding. How can we ask for more money if we can’t show that our plate is clean?


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