Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Printer?

September 13, 2007

Robert Cerasoli must love challenges. That, or he’s dumber than a bag of hammers. If you don’t already know, Mr. Cerasoli came from Boston, Massachusetts, down to New Orleans – my hometown – to become the City’s first-ever Inspector General. That’s the guy that finds corruption and malfeasance in government. Not that he will have far to look, mind you – this it the city that recently gave us “Dollar Bill” Jefferson and Oliver Thomas, to name but a few. His job should be like shooting fish in a barrel. But when Mr. Cerasoli started work last week he found he had a small problem.
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The problem? Mr. Cerasoli didn’t have (to continue the metaphor) a barrel of fish to shoot. Or any ammunition. Or even a gun. When the new Inspector General of the City of New Orleans went to start work, the City had provided him nothing at all: no office space, no desks, no staff, no operating budget. And no real attempt to rectify the situation. Right now he uses his cell phone, works out of a school office, and has to bum rides around town.

Is there any wonder why a Congressman would say this about dumping more Katrina aid into the Crescent City? You almost have to admire Ray Nagin and the City Council on this one – what a great way for the City to claim it is doing something about corruption without really, well, doing anything about it. What chutzpa.

Normally, I would let this pass with another shake of the head and a silent wisper of “It’s New Orleans….”, were it not for one thing: Me and Mr. Cerasoli have something in common – Boston. I lived there for seven years before coming back to Louisiana, and I think of it as my second hometown. So when I see someone from my second hometown trying to clean up my first, well, I owe the man. I don’t want him to think we’re all a bunch of dolts down here.

A commenter at my blog said he would buy Mr. Cerasoli a lamp if it would help, which got me thinking – if the City of New Orleans will not get Mr. Cerasoli going, maybe we (you know, “the people”) should pitch in. I don’t think we can raise his $3.5 million operating budget, but maybe we can put in for some office furnishings and the like, and maybe embarrass the City Council and the Mayor into taking some positive action. (OK, maybe not the Mayor.  Nothing, not even himself, seems to embarrass Ray Nagin…)

We need ot let let Mr. Cerasoli know that we appreciate his being down here, even if the City government in New Orleans does not. If any of you are interested in contributing to a Help The Inspector General Fund, post a pledge in the comments section or e-mail it to redstickrant@gmail.com.

The Naked Emperor is in for a lamp.

Red Stick Rant is in $100 in office supplies.  And a dart board with Paul Cellucci’s picture on it. (Mr. Cerasoli will understand.)


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Wireless News April 4, 2011

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You obviously don't get the point. no point wasting time on that. this is going to be real interesting to watch. best of luck to you all down there and you may want to keep a close watch on the affairs of Mr. Cerasoli.

Red Stick Rant
Red Stick Rant

None of the things you mention - home, apartment, computer, or personal phone - was in question. M'kay? The City didn't want this position, and they did a lot to prevent it from being formed. Some of us down here know a bit more of the history then you do there. Wherever there is. (You don't, perhaps, spend a lot of time listening to Howie Carr, do you?) Look, we are talking about an utterly failed City government. That is my point. It is so bereft of a clue they put out a press release because they got the lighted sign on City Hall repaired. They see this is a great victory in the recovery - after two years. And yes, Kev, m'boy, I have spent thousands of hours in New Orleans cleaning, repairing and tearing down. So don't tell me what the problem is in my own home town - I know what the problem is. I have seen it first-hand. aS fOR tHE sTYLE thING, wHATEVER fLOATS yOUR bOAT.


And your point was? several of WHAT items were supposed to be supplied to him? a personal home, apartment, computer and land line phone? i didn't realize that the city of new orleans or ANY other city, in fact, was responsible for Mr. Cerasoli's personal living arrangements. office space; office phone; staff - certainly. It appears to be his core belief not to use a "city car" or take "free gas" - so how exactly was he planning to get around the city if he didn't bring his own car. with months to plan for this - his "bumming" rides around seems a bit odd (at least to a sophisticated person) and a ploy for public sympathy. See, the problem is you are all so desperate for someone to save you all from the bad guys that you are quite easily taken in. to answer you question - yeah - it's a style thing. you may want to consider the long reputed style of your new inspector general. there just may be some of us out here who know him just a little bit better than ya all down there...............

Red Stick Rant
Red Stick Rant

kevin: He was supposed to have several of those items available when he arrived. He did have a place to hang his hat, and to have a phone, but the City didn't raise a finger - that's my point. Speaking of odd, is your lack of capitalization a style thing, or did you miss that day in second grade?


i understand that the city of new orleans should have had an office and staff for Mr. Cerasoli. however, he knew this. what i question is exactly why a man of his position - with 3 months to plan - arrived in a city without having either his own vehicle or leased a new one and without either an apartment, home or condo where he could have had a hardline telephone installed. i would also expect someone like him to have atleast one desk computer and one laptop. ?? does anyone else think this a bit odd???

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