High Fuel Prices!

February 29, 2012


Leon Puissegur

Why does our nation keep having high fuel prices, especially in the last 10 years? It all comes down to the Environmental Protection Agency,(EPA), over the last 50 years! If we dig deep enough into why our nation HAS to send oil to other nations like our enemy, Venezuela, to be refined, we can find that our nation has not built a new oil refinery in over 50 years and we have had about 100 closed! Just this one factor alone adds to the cost per gallon of fuel due to having to ship it to another nation to have it refined them shipped back to our nation. I am just curious as to how many people would rather pay $1.50 per gallon for gasoline and build more oil refineries and drill here in our nation where more oil lies waiting to be extracted then the ENTIRE world has on hand?

Yes, the United States has well over 4 TRILLION Barrels of oil sitting in the ground! This is NOT a phony or dream statement, it is VERY true, our nation, the United States, holds 7 times the amount of oil then Saudi Arabia has! That is not just what I have dug up over the last 20 years of investigation, that is what the CEO of Shell Oil Company stated on Fox Business. I have found that the oil shale in 3 states alone amounts to close to 2 TRILLION barrels of oil, then we have to add the 800 Billion plus barrels of oil in North Dakota and Montana. This does not include the unknown vast amounts in the Gulf of Mexico nor does it take into consideration the vast amounts of unknown amounts along the East and West Coast of our nation, I am very sorry, but I forgot to include the Billions of barrels in Anwar and vast amounts of unknown amounts of oil in the artic circle that our nation has yet to explore! Given all these areas of Oil and we can come up with a total of over 4 TRILLION BARRELS of Oil that our nation can extract at least half of or some 2 TRILLION BARRELS of oil that OUR nation has ready to be extracted!

I had to wonder just why did Obama stop the Keystone XL Pipeline? I got so very interested that I contacted a few people that worked with Trans Canada, the company that has the project to build that pipeline and keep the thousands of miles of pipelines they already have within the United States1 I found that they had passed all the environmental requirements and all the other permits and paperwork they needed, the only thing that has held them up was a “Presidential Permit”, “OBAMA’S” okay! Here is the President of the United States stopping a pipeline that can bring crude oil to our nation at around $50.00 a barrel and yet he turns it down? WHY? Well it can be explained very simple, his Energy secretary, Stephen Chu does not like oil, coal, or Natural Gas. Stephen Chu stated when he was given his office that, “We need to pay the same amount for gasoline as Europe does.” Why would anyone have such a bad idea of our gasoline prices when they are SUPPOSED to help the people of the United States? It all comes back to President Obama.

Our President made a statement about electricity that few ever publicized, Obama stated, “You will see electricity prices necessarily ‘skyrocket’.” Why did he make such a crucial statement? To understand this, one just has to look at whom Obama had placed as his “Green Jobs Czar”, the one and only Van Jones, a COMMUNIST PARTY member and so proud of his membership that he boasted about it. Why? Once again it goes back to Obama, Obama does not like the use of Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil. Obama has the Naive idea that our nation does NOT need the use of these resources, Obama has the idea that his “Green Energy Czar”, Van Jones, a Known COMMUNIST had the direction Obama liked more then allowing our people to retrieve the resources our nation has more of then the entire world has on hand. It is a very political and determined Obama that has caused the high fuel prices.

Let me show you just how this drilling all over would help, one company that was ready to drill in Utah was stopped by Obama, this company, of which I have lost the name of, has made the statement that they could extract oil from the Utah find for as little as $10.00 a barrel! If we would be able to get oil that cheap, it would cripple the middle east since they could not sell oil to the United States at that price. Could you think of what such cheap oil would do to the oil cartel? It would force them to drop their prices! But the best part of this would be that if our nation, the UNITED STATES would begin to build just 50 brand new oil refineries, and be allowed to drill everywhere, we as a nation would NOT need a drop of oil from anyone in as little as 1 year after this began, not to mention the millions of jobs that would be developed by this oil boom!

All one has to do is look at North Dakota where they cannot keep up with the building of homes and have to bring house trailers to the area for people to live in while they work, they have to beg for truck drivers because they don’t have pipelines built to move the oil they have drilled for. This could happen all over our nation and within the next 10 years, our nation would NOT need one drop of oil from anyone! What is keeping this from happening? President Obama and his policies on energy that will HURT all those that voted for him! Let me say that again, OBAMA has hurt all those that voted for him with his energy policy, or lack thereof! If Obama did in fact want to help the people, he would allow drilling, the building of at least 50 new oil refineries, and begin NOW!! But our President, OBAMA, does not care about those whom he hurts, he does not care that those whom need to have cheaper gasoline to work, are the very people he is hurting with HIS energy policies, or lack thereof.

Now let me go over what I have stated, our President, OBAMA does not care about the price we pay at the pump to go to the grocery, nor does he care about the rising cost of all products due to his lack of energy policy that would HELP the very people he claims he will help!! In closing I can safely state that if OBAMA wanted to really help the people, all he had to do is allow drilling and allow the building of new oil refineries. Just 50 new oil refineries and allowing the drilling all over would bring the price of gasoline down to about $1.50 a gallon within the next year! I worked offshore and I saw oil being brought from the ground. I saw rigs being built, drilling, then producing and they did that all within 6 months! Once again, I cannot state it enough, OBAMA is hurting the very people he says he wishes to help, Obama crushes the very people that voted for him by FORCING them to have to buy high priced gasoline and groceries due to Obama’s non existent energy policies, or policies that have HURT the very people Obama keeps saying he will help! Think about that, Obama does NOT help those that voted for him by FORCING them to accept his very bad energy policy that HURTS the poor and middle class!! This is NOT just my Opinion, it is a FACT!!!

LAST NIGHT; A bad day at Bangkok for rookie Excise man.(Features)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland) January 29, 1999 | Fulton, Rick THE KNOCK (ITV) POOR old Alex Murray, the Customs & Excise rookie, had a bad night last night.

First he thought he was going on a slap and tickle junket to Bangkok, only to find the drugs courier he was following was gay.

So rather than being surrounded by lovely young Thai ladies, it was young men in thongs winking at him.

Then he lost the drug courier who could lead him to Mr Big and got a massive dressing down from his boss Ancrom (Mark Lewis Jones).

Returning exhausted and ear bitten to his girlfriend, he hoped for some cosy comfort, only for her to produce a condom and accuse him of sleeping with prostitutes.

All the way through, Scots actor Daniel Brown looked like a big Andrex puppy. His great hound dog face kept registering disbelief that it was all going wrong.

Daniel added some light relief to this gritty thriller, which just gets better and better.

Cherie Lunghi was the guest actress in the first of a new three-parter.

She played Toni Maxwell (yes, I know she’s the face of Kenco coffee but even The Knock has an ounce – or should that be a teaspoonful – of humour) who had taken over her jailed husband’s business.

Wearing leather trousers or silky undies, she oversaw her minions – two dogs, a girlfriend and some heavies.

Toni gets Thai women to smuggle heroin concealed in breast implants.

Alex was trying to pin the smuggling on her, but by the end of the first part had botched the job, arrested the courier and lost any leads to her.

Meanwhile, Barry Christie (Steve Toussaint) was made to go undercover cleaning buses.

Someone is smuggling drugs through Customs and Excise in the buses and he gets a job as a cleaner.

He’s not happy, thinking that it is because he’s black, but uses a racist attack to get in with the smugglers.

After a shaky start this series has found its form. But it will have to keep up to the standards of last night’s show to match the sheer power of The Vice. this web site brier creek movies

SOAPWATCH BROOKSIDE (Channel 4, 8.30pm) THE friendship between Sinbad (Michael Starke, left) and Mick could be at an end as the rape continues to rip Brookside Close apart. The truth could soon be revealed after victim Nikki sees a familiar face in a flashback which could be the rapist. Ron has to decide between Bev and Anthea PICK OF THE BOX COMEDY: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (BBC2, 9.00pm) STARS Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus manage to steer this sometimes- wayward comedy into funny waters. web site brier creek movies

Kathy just looks and acts brilliantly as Linda La Hughes. Dreyfus’ character Tom is slightly boring and one-dimensional, but he still has some withering lines.

Tonight, Linda’s long-lost sister comes to stay and Tom is suddenly inundated with offers of television work. Dale Winton makes a guest appearance.

DOCU-SOAP: Vets In Practice (BBC1, 8.00pm) VETS Trude Mostue, Hannah Pollard and Sam Robinson all reflect on their social lives this week.

Trude thinks her new boyfriend Patrick could be Mr Right, then has to worry about a dog’s possible pregnancy.

Hannah has a new look after losing three stones and takes it out on an overweight rabbit that she puts on a diet.

And Sam, who has little time to socialise, has to castrate a young stallion.

SITCOM: Frasier (Channel 4, 10.00pm) THE pompous brothers Niles (David Hyde Pierce) and Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) are red faced when they can’t get tickets for the hottest new theatrical show in town.

Could they be losing their status within Seattle society?

Meanwhile, the wonderful Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves) becomes a minor celebrity when the local newspaper shows a whole new side to her.

CHAT: Parkinson (BBC 1, 9.30pm) PARKY is joined by Mo Mowlam, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, in what promises to be a great show.

The MP has battled against a brain tumour and lost her hair. But she refuses to be vain and simply ties a bandana around her head.

They are also joined by Alan Davies, the stand-up comedian and star of the quirky comedy drama Jonathan Creek.

MOVIES BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL (Ch4, 1.45pm – 3.30pm) Bigoted Southern boy Robert Wagner learns tolerance when serving in the Pacific. Soapy war drama. 1956 FOR THE FUTURE: The Irvine Fertility Scandal (BBC2, 3.30pm – 5.00pm) Marilu Henner given dubious treatment in another true-life story. 1996 TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT (Ch5, 3.30pm – 5.20pm) Struggling actor Robert Urich tries to revive his career and his marriage in hollow comedy. With Meredith Baxter. 1982 A PROMISE TO CAROLYN (Ch5, 9.00pm – 10.50pm) Abused sisters seek vengeance on wicked stepmother in true-life teledrama. 1996 LOCK UP (BBC1, 10.25pm – 12.05am; Scotland, 10.55pm – 12.35am) Saintly Sylvester Stallone at his most humourless as a framed convict transferred to a hell-hole run by vicious warden Donald Sutherland. Manipulative melodrama. 1989 WITH A VENGEANCE (Grampian, STV, 10.30pm – 12.15am) Melissa Gilbert in tele-dramatics. 1992 THE WIZARD OF LONELINESS (BBC2, midnight – 1.50am) Young Lukas Haas is despatched to his grandparents during World War Two. Poignant drama with many memorable touches, impeccably acted. With John Randolph. 1988 THE HAPPY HOOKER (Ch5, 12.30am – 2.20am) Lynn Redgrave unhappily cast as New York madam Xaviera Hollander. 1974 STEEL JUSTICE (ITV regions, 12.35am – 2.15am) Lame robot monster cop thriller with Robert Taylor. 1992 BLUE CITY (BBC1, 1.05am – 2.25am) Cynical drifter Judd Nelson attempts to solve his father’s mysterious murder in routine Ross McDonald yarn. 1986 THE DEMOCRATIC TERRORIST (Ch5, 2.20am – 4.05am) Trashy Euro-action drama. 1992 THE IRON CURTAIN (Ch4, 3.25am – 4.50am; S4C, 3.45am – 5.20am) Dana Andrews in dull defection tale. 1948 Fulton, Rick

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