Hill awww ry!

January 9, 2008

While watching the media coverage of the New Hampshire primary last night, I nearly forgot that the Republicans had one of their own. It wasn’t just that the media would open all their programs with extensive coverage of the Democrat primary and only covering the Republican primary in the closing segments, but how much they were gushing over Hillary’s victory. They were gushing about how interesting the race has become, gushing that they can talk about the Democrat primary for at least another week and give the Republican primaries very little attention.
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If one couldn’t see that the MSM was already biased, they’re living in some fantasy world that’s been warped from too much acid dipping in the 60’s. I couldn’t help but notice as ABC’s George Stephanopoulos smile was ear to ear and his eye twinkling as though he was love struck for Hillary Clinton. One thing is certain, you can count on George to give a President Hillary Clinton a softball interview whenever it’s needed.

The reality of Hillary Clinton’s so called victory was that, it never really was a victory. How many delegate points did she walk away with? And what about Obama? The answer… 9… for both. What everybody is calling a victory turns out was just a tie, and with rumors that Clinton had to ship voters into New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton actually did get defeated.

Let’s assume though, since we don’t have absolute evidence that Clinton cheated, that New Hampshire voters decided that Hillary Clinton will be their nominee. She won by two percentage points and is in no better or no worse situation than when she was after Iowa. But more to the point, Hillary Clinton should have won and should have won big. Let’s not forget that prior to Iowa, Hillary had a lead on Obama and was expected to win anyway. And why shouldn’t she have? She lives what… fifteen feet from Manchester, New Hampshire? Okay, so it’s actually four hours away from Manchester, but what difference does that make? How many times has she visited Manchester? And if her taste in men is as bad as her husband’s taste for women is, it’s only 3 hours and 19 minutes to Boston for a hot rendezvous with Ted Kennedy for well… a sandwich, drink, and a swim.

My point is, she IS a Northeast liberal. New York wanted her when nobody else did. New Hampshire votes for the liberal guy up there. They loved McCain for crying out loud, and what’s to love about him?

For the past couple of days I’ve been writing Hillary’s funeral dirge and I have long predicted that she would not even win the Democrat primary, so it would seem that I’m just wishing Hillary Clinton would just lose already, except, as a Republican… I want Hillary to win the nomination. I want Hillary to be the leader of the Democrat party. I want the people to have to look at Hillary Clinton and ask their selves, do they really trust this person to defend the nation? I suppose she could. I can imagine Hillary Clinton meeting with enemies of the state prior to her Botox treatment and try to scare the hell out of them, but then again, I could see Hugo Chavez saying she’s the Yankee devil and will have the pictures to prove it.

Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving and we Republicans should pray to God that she’s the Democrat nominee. We should be contributing to her campaign, we should do everything in our power to help her out. Do some sign waving, phone banking, whatever it takes to help her win the nomination. The only way we could lose that presidential election is to have John McCain as our nominee.

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